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Sex and the Single Vamp(10)
Author: Robin Covington

Deacon made the “hurry up” gesture with his free hand. He was feeling generous to let them talk to her right now. Protocol said that refusal by a hospitalized witness to be questioned at that time should be honored. They needed to speed it the f**k up so he could get her of here and someplace safe.

Ramirez shot him a dirty look but picked up the pace. “Ms. Trent, did you see your attacker? Can you give us a description?”

“No, he was wearing a dark hoodie pulled over his head and shielding his face.” Cici squeezed his hand and he pulsed hers back, feeling her anxiety rolling off her like waves. “But I could tell he was medium height. Strong and muscular, and fast.” She shook her head. “That’s it.”

“Vampire fast? Do you think he was an Other?” Ramirez asked.

“No. He was human. I could smell him.”

Detective Dickhead snorted behind him, murmuring something that sounded a lot like “fucking freaks,” and Ramirez shot him a dark look before continuing. “Fey perhaps?”

“No, human.” She closed her eyes, clearly trying to remember. “Fast isn’t the right word. He was…trained. He knew how to catch me off guard. Knew how to avoid my defensive moves until he could Taser me.”

“You were coming from the employee-only area of the club? Why were you back there?”

“I used the restroom in Deacon’s office to freshen up. I came out and he got the jump on me.” She shrugged. “I was distracted, so…”

“Distracted by what?” Ramirez asked.

Cici’s cheeks pinkened slightly and while it might be attributed to the infusion of blood into her system, Deacon knew it was more.

“I…um.” She licked her lips and shot a glance at him. He bit back a smirk at her strange burst of modesty. Yeah, she was a twenty-first century woman when she allowed him to finger her in the middle of three hundred people, but admit it when she’d inadvertently introduced the topic to the cops? Nope.

“We were leaving to go to my place. To have sex,” Deacon said. “We were both a little distracted.”

“Hell yeah,” Mya said, her smile wicked as she winked at Cici. David blushed at her side, suddenly very interested in the fake wood pattern on the laminate floor.

“I see,” Ramirez said, his head dipping down as he scribbled something in his notebook and tried to hide his slight smile. “Any idea on why he attempted to kill you?”

Cici’s voice was firm. “He’s with the Fellowship of Adam’s Race.”

Ramirez eyebrows shot up with disbelief. “FAR? That’s just a bogeyman. It’s our kind’s version of the monster under the bed. They aren’t real.”

“Bullshit.” Deacon didn’t temper the edge in his voice. He couldn’t afford for the police to continue to delude themselves about what was really going on here. Cici’s life depended on it. “FAR is real. I fought them a long time ago and they’ve popped up from time to time, but never gained traction until we were all exposed by Rothman.”

Andy spoke up from his perch on the other side of the room. “They’re as real as the KKK or other supremacist groups. They just don’t walk around in white hoods or with swastikas on their sleeves.”

“The department has no official knowledge of the group,” Detective Dickhead said

“And the Department has their head up their ass once again,” Deacon said, barely sparing the guy a glance. He wasn’t worth his time. “You’ll find insulin in the syringe that I found next to her at the club, the same stuff that killed her friends. They’ve been threatening Cici for months and now they’re trying to kill her.”

“And I don’t want to know how you have information that is only contained in the official police record,” Ramirez said, his expression showing how torn he was about this conversation. “Deacon, you were a good cop and your military record tells me you probably know what you’re talking about. But you and I both know that the department is not going to chase down rabbit holes after a ghost.”

“You don’t have to. I’m going to catch this guy and take care of the problem.”

Ramirez sighed. “Deacon, you can’t interfere with a police investigation.”

“You just said the department isn’t going to recognize the FAR threat. I’m following my lead and you follow yours.” He let a fierce smile twist his lips. “We’ll see who gets him first.”

Chapter Nine

This was not a game.

Cici was coming out of her fog. The Taser had really messed her up. It took a lot to render a vampire unconscious, so the thing must have been cranked up to the “knock over an elephant” setting. But the blood was flowing through her veins now and one message was loud and clear: the testosterone levels in the room were too high for rational conversation. So before they unzipped and whipped their dicks out for measurement, she needed to get this back on topic.

“My attacker told me he was with FAR. He said they would kill me and admitted to killing my friends.” Cici stumbled over the next words, her grip tightening on his hand. “He said they would save Deacon for last. Because of what he’d done.”

“I get why they’re targeting you, Ms. Trent. Your business is a lightning rod for this kind of group,” Ramirez said. “And I understand why they would kill your friends…clients. But why you, Deacon?”

Curious to hear this explanation, she looked up at him, too, noting the firm set of his jaw and the way his fingers tensed around her own. He wasn’t going to speak so she answered for him.

“He has a long history with FAR. He fought them alongside my father when we first met.”

“It’s more than that,” Deacon said, surprising her. She’d thought she’d heard it all.

“When they killed Cici’s family, I located every member of the group in the area and killed them.”

“Oh my God. Daniel Allsworthy? Isaiah Prentiss?” she whispered, a chill creeping over her body in spite of the warmth from her feeding. “I didn’t know.”

“Why didn’t you know?” Ramirez asked. “I thought you two went way back.”

“I left just after my Turning. I went into seclusion with a witch until the blood thirst subsided. I couldn’t walk out in the daylight so returning to Williamsburg was out of the question. I didn’t even know my family was killed by FAR until yesterday.”

“A witch? Where was your Maker?” Ramirez asked.

“I don’t know. He…she…never stayed around.” She didn’t want to talk about that now. She couldn’t deal with the pain of abandonment along with the news bomb Deacon just laid at her feet. She turned to him, her brows raised in expectation.

Deacon locked his gaze with her own, trepidation and apology mixing with his fierce belief in the rightness of whatever he’d done. But there was sadness there, a regret that confused her.

“Those animals slit your throat, left you to die alongside your father…Benjamin and Charles.”

She blinked back the fog of tears at the mention of her little brothers. It never got easier. “I killed Allsworthy, Prentiss. All of them.”

Cici fell back onto the support pillows, her fingers raised to her throat to trace the place where she’d been slashed and left to die. You couldn’t see the scars any longer, but for many years they’d been a silvery reminder of violence and loss.

“You killed Daniel?” she whispered, her head aching from the sudden rush of thoughts ricocheting around her brain.

“Who was Daniel?” Ramirez asked.

“Her fiancé,” Deacon said as he maintained eye contact with her. Slowly, he turned to fully face her and leaned over her, his big body blocking out anyone or anything but the two of them. “The man she chose over me.”

Cici stared up at him. His face was like stone, unreadable, and she wanted to scream at the way he shut her out when all she needed was one glimpse into what was going on in that hard head. She never thought she could be here with someone so close and still feel so utterly alone.

“So wait—” Ramirez held up a hand. “You killed your rival?”

“No.” Deacon answered the cop’s question, but it was for her. His expression spoke volumes about how much he didn’t give a shit about what Ramirez thought about it. He was speaking to her, asking her to hear and understand. “I killed the man who was the head of the FAR. I killed the man who organized the massacre of your family.”

Cici shrank back from this information. It was too much to process. She’d never loved Daniel, but he’d been kind to her. Apparently it hadn’t been true, because she’d never known Deacon to lie. She closed her eyes, reopened them, and was somewhat surprised that the world was not different. How could everything be the same when your world had just been rocked to its core?

Deacon leaned even closer, his forehead touching her own for the briefest second. He was still the same.

“Just the two?” Ramirez asked.

Deacon rose, his gaze shifting to the man, but his hand reached out and engulfed hers in his firm grip. He was warm and solid, the only thing that grounded her after the crazy night she’d had.

“Twelve men. I killed them the same way they hurt her and left their bodies where they fell.” Deacon shrugged. “I left Williamsburg after that and didn’t return for many years. No one thought much of it as we were on the brink of war and none of the men spent much time at home.”

She hadn’t seen him again until after the war, until after they were a new nation. He’d never mentioned their failed affair again. Their prior friendship had never recovered and then the gulf of their opinions and the way they’d lived their lives had widened the gulf. They’d revolved in and out of each other’s lives—consistent in their intimate inconsistency.

“And these modern-day members of FAR? They would know your history?” Ramirez asked.

“I guess.”

“How do we know you aren’t making this up?” Detective Dickhead spoke up from his perch on the other side of the room. “You two don’t exactly see eye to eye on things if the media are to be believed. You think your kind and humans shouldn’t mix. Sounds like you and this FAR have a lot in common.”

“No, we don’t have anything in common. I don’t kill people just because they’re different.” Deacon smiled, flashing lots of fang. “Although I could make an exception in your case.”

“Hey.” The detective surged forward, but Ramirez stopped him with a hand to his chest.

Ramirez shut his notebook and shoved it into his jacket pocket, exchanging a long glance with his partner. He turned back to her, advancing two steps toward the bed.

“I’m done for now, and I’ll take what I got from this interview and work it into the case. Don’t leave town, Ms. Trent. You’re still a person of interest in the second two murders.”

“You’re not arresting her?” Mya asked.

“No, but I need to know where I can find her.” He turned his attention on her and Cici leaned back from the intensity. “I presume you’re staying in your apartment.”


“No,” Deacon barked out beside her. “She’s staying with me.”

“I’m not,” she said, trying to pull her hand from his grasp. Panic rose in her throat. She needed to get to her place. She needed space to think, to re-center herself. Being in such close quarters with Deacon, in his apartment, would not give her room to do either one. “I don’t want to stay with you. I need space. Time. Away from you.”

He jerked backward, as if her words had made physical contact. His eyes flashed with his emotion, hurt etched in the tight line of his mouth. “That’s too bad. You’re not getting it.”

“I can’t—” She shook her head, refusing to give in. “You killed Daniel. All those people.”

She knew why he did it and a part of her was grateful. Regret over the lack of justice in the death of her family had haunted her for years, but her relief was buried under a ton of confusion and questions she couldn’t sift through with him looming over her.

“Cici, don’t f**king fight me on this. I’m not in the mood.” Deacon’s voice was sharp in the gap. “You need to shut down the business, too.”

“Absolutely not.” If she closed it down now, she’d never recover.

“I’m not asking. It’s too dangerous.”

She wrenched her hand away and glared up at him. His face was hard, his expression stubbornly resolute. He wasn’t in the mood? Get in line. “What are you going to do? Physically manhandle me and make me go? Lock me up?”

“If I have to.”

“Are you going to let him do this?” Cici looked at Ramirez, who had a sudden need to study the floor at his feet. She sought out Mya. She didn’t like the way her friend smiled at her, indulgently, as though she was talking to a person who had limited understanding.

“Cici, he can keep you safe at his place.” Her best friend grabbed her hand, squeezing it gently but firmly. “I’ll bring you some of your things. Do this for my peace of mind.”

“Your attacker is upping the stakes. He was getting to you through your friends and this was his attempt to make it more personal. He failed and it’s only going to make him more determined to get you next time,” Ramirez said.

Cici knew when she was beaten.


Chapter Ten

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