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Sex and the Single Vamp(16)
Author: Robin Covington

“I’m going now before I lose my nerve.” Cici tightened the belt on the robe and left Mya standing in the bathroom. Her legs were already shaking, but she forced her feet to propel her forward, one in front of the other, over the cool hardwood floors and the plush area rugs until she stood in front of the door that she knew led to Deacon’s private office. The crew from his company was out in the main hallway, the public entrance, and she was glad she didn’t have to pass by them in a reverse walk of shame.

Cici raised her hand to knock, but her motion stalled out in midair. If she gave him a heads-up, he’d bolt and she’d lose this opportunity. Chances are he’d heard her approach with his vampire hearing and her element of surprise was just an illusion, but she wouldn’t deliberately give it away.

The heavy, nickel-plated handle was solid and cool against her palm as she pushed it down and leaned against the heavy door. It opened without a sound and she walked inside. The room was gloomy, only a desk lamp and another by the sofa providing illumination in the early twilight. Deacon was in his chair on the phone, scribbling notes on a legal-size pad of paper.

“I understand, Stefan, but this is important.” He paused while the other guy said something in response to his comment, his dark brows furrowing together as he pinched the bridge of his nose. Everything about him screamed stress and frustration, and she wanted to go to him and smooth away all of it. “I know I’m asking for a lot from the Conclave, and you know I wouldn’t if it wasn’t important. Maude owes me a favor from that issue with the Greeks in the sixties and I’m calling it in. I need the cure and you guys told me I’d have it yesterday. I know it’s buried in one of the ancient books stowed in your dusty library, so get off your asses and find it.”

Deacon threw the pen down on the table when the speaker answered him again. He leaned forward on his elbows, his entire body poised to leap through the phone and wring this guy’s neck.

“Fuck you, Stefan. You’re going to help me or I’m getting on the next flight and kicking your ass. I can get the word out pretty damn quick that the Conclave doesn’t pay its debts, and see how many of us disgusting soldier-types come to your rescue the next time you need help. Stop jerking me around.” He nodded as the guy squawked on the line, his voice loud enough for her to hear it. “That’s more like it. Call me or Andy the minute you know something.”

He slammed his phone down on the desktop, swearing as he ran his fingers through his long hair, which fell tousled and wild around his shoulders. Paired with the outline of his muscles defined under his black T-shirt and the way his jeans gripped his thighs, Cici was swaying toward him with desire. Moisture dampened her sex and the soft material of the robe rubbed sensually against her ni**les. She missed him. Craved him. She moaned low in her throat and Deacon went perfectly still at his desk, shoulders tense with awareness.

He lifted his eyes to her own and the flare of bronze heat almost knocked her knees out from under her. Cici walked forward the two steps necessary to grab the desk for support and Deacon snapped backward in his chair, his hands shooting out in front of him as if to ward her off. They trembled. His large calloused hands visibly shook and it broke her heart. Terror, longing, panic, desire, morphed his expression so quickly that it was hard to keep up. It wouldn’t have been noticeable to someone who didn’t know him.

But she knew him

“Cici, what are you doing here?” he asked, his voice low and velvety rough.

“I need you, Deacon.” She released her hold on the desk to move closer to him. She stopped just in front of him, close enough to feel the whisper of the denim fabric of his jeans brush against her legs as he shifted in the chair. “I need you.”

She reached for the belt at her waist, slowly undoing the loose knot that held the front of the robe together. She fumbled with her task, unwilling to look down and give up the breathtaking view of his gorgeous face.

The knot gave way and she let the ends slip from her fingers. She loosely grasped the lapels of the garment and pulled them back, letting the weight of it drag down her arms and body before pooling at her feet. The cooler office air whispered across her sensitive skin, puckering her ni**les into tight buds and cooling the heated warmth gathering between her legs.

“Don’t.” Deacon half groaned, half whispered, his hands dropping to his lap. His eyes ate her up, devouring her as he tracked her from the top of her head where her red curls were still damp from the shower and clinging to her skin, down to the place where her toes peeked out from the edges of the discarded robe.

His eyes snapped back to her own when she advanced even closer and straddled his lap. The denim of his jeans was heavy but soft against the inside of her thighs, the exposed folds of her sex, as she settled on top of him. Cici ran her hands up his chest, drinking in the hard muscles, the well-worn cotton, surprised at the coolness of his skin as she cupped his face with her hands. When she’d also been a vampire he’d felt warm, but now the difference in their body temperatures was noticeable.

“I need you, Deacon. I need you to hold me, touch me.” Cici leaned in farther, brushing her lips lightly against his own, teasing him open with her tongue. “I need you to f**k me.”

She took his mouth then, aided by his deep groan of need in answer to her words. He was the same and yet different as she explored him with her tongue. His taste was still spicy, but his mouth was cold and she shivered in anticipation of what it would feel like against her breast. His fangs, fully distended, were tantalizing as they slid against the sensitive inside of her lip.

Her thighs clenched together as she ground down on the thick erection encased in the denim. Deacon was gently pushing upward with his hips, the roughness of the fabric heightening her excitement, his length brushing against her sweet spots.

The tension was building in her body, the coil of arousal and emotion tightening until it would have to either give way or break her. She dove in for another kiss, determined to make herself irresistible.

“No.” Abruptly Deacon pulled back, his hands grasping her shoulders and holding her still on his lap and her mouth away from his own. Cici groaned in frustration as she struggled against his restraint. She would have been able to fight him in her vampire state, but as a human she had no choice but to obey. “I can’t do this. I will hurt you.”

“No, you won’t. You never hurt me.”

The bronze fire in his eyes dimmed as he looked at her, his mouth twisted in a grim line of stubbornness. “You were stronger then. Now I’m too strong and with the way I feel…I don’t know if I could control it.”

“Don’t treat me like glass.”

“But you are glass!” he said, his fingers digging into her shoulders as he gave her a little shake. She bit back a wince of pain, knowing that if he saw her discomfort he would end all this right now. “I could break you with one hand, like a stem of the finest crystal. You’re so vulnerable and fragile.”

“What I am is lonely and scared. I’m stronger than I look, and I can take you. I trust you.” Cici reached out and fisted two hanks of his hair, yanking him forward so that she could deliver a swift, brutal kiss to his mouth. “I love you.”

“Oh God.” Deacon shut his eyes, leaning his forehead against hers as Cici let the nuclear word bomb detonate and settle around her in a haze of what the hell did I just do?

“Don’t say that.”

“Why not?” She kept her voice steady, holding back the tears that threatened to fall. She would not shy away from this. She would not be a coward. “I meant it. I love you.”

“I can’t handle that right now. I’m barely hanging on here.”

“I’m scared, too. So let’s comfort each other. Work this out together. I’m the same. This shell is nothing.” She pressed a soft kiss to his lips, her heart stuttering when his tongue reached out to meet her own. She grabbed one of his hands and guided it down to her core, letting him feel her heat, her need of him, as she murmured against his mouth. “Please, Deacon. It took so much for me to come to you. Please don’t send me away.”

The few seconds he hesitated felt like years as Cici’s heart grew colder and colder and her chest tightened with embarrassment. She was ready to pull away, grab the robe and escape, when his other hand moved from her face, slowly trailing along the skin of her bare shoulder to weave in her hair and tug her even closer.

“I can’t say no to you,” he ground out before he parted her lips with his tongue and possessively plunged in and took her breath away. He was fierce but tender as he tasted and nipped at her lips. The beast was there, but he knew when to pull back, when to advance, and it quickly took her to the edge of her sanity as pleasure bloomed between her legs.

His long fingers petted and stroked her folds, spreading her wetness before delving inside to f**k her slowly and sweetly. She pressed down on the digits, eagerly drawing him deeply inside her as her passion mounted higher and higher. She’d never had sex as a human and this was so different. In her vampire body, she’d been of equal power and the urge to make sex a battle of wills was almost overpowering. It was great, the power dynamic something that really got her off. But now she was the weaker one and the feeling of being totally open and vulnerable sparked an excitement that was completely unexpected.

Deacon stopped the kiss, pulling back from her as he reached down to unbutton his jeans and pull out the fat, heavy length of his erect cock. He was hard, the velvet-soft skin stretched tight as the tip leaked pearly fluid that ran down the side. He stroked himself, his fist tight around his girth as he pushed his pants far enough down his thighs that she could feel the coarse texture of his hair against her skin.

“I don’t trust myself not to hurt you, so you’ll have to control this one.” Deacon grasped her hips, drawing her body forward until she was positioned over him, the blunt head of his penis dragging across her folds. He released his hold on her, placing his hands on the arms of the chair in a grip that made the frame crack ominously. “Ride me, Cici. Take what you need. You can have all I have to give.”

She shivered at his words; the power he was granting her over his body was stimulating, sexy stuff, and the added warmth in her core testified that she loved the idea of controlling this ride.

Cici reached down behind her, grasping his shaft and placing it against her entrance. She lowered herself slowly, inch by inch, letting him fill her with his hard length until she was fully seated on him. She took a deep breath and lifted her body off him, her brain protesting the loss even though she knew the slow glide back down was going to be so good.

“I love you, Deacon,” she murmured against his mouth, pleased to feel the tremor that racked his body at her words. He couldn’t say them tonight, and while it stung, she could be satisfied with this for now.

This wasn’t the end.

It was just the beginning.

Chapter Fifteen

He was a selfish bastard.

Cici was a temptation sent straight from the devil, and he had no willpower to deny her even though he knew he should. This was exactly why he’d avoided her for the last few days, because he knew that if he saw her, he’d cave. Her fear and vulnerability called out to him, and he could not deny her.

But he would not lie to himself that this act, this blood-boiling dangerous act of sexual insanity, was for her.

He should be comforting her but this was all about him. Cici, sweet and giving, surrounded his c*ck with her heat and the ache in his chest subsided as they made this slow, sensual journey together. The yoke of fear and despair that he’d worn for the last few days felt lighter when she pressed soft kisses against his mouth. Her small hands petting his chest soothed the beast like nothing else ever would.

Deacon lifted his hands from the arms of the chair, praying to a God he’d long since given up believing in that he would be gentle and safe. He needed to touch her. He had to touch her. She was his lifeblood, his anchor in the stormy fury that roiled in his mind and threatened his control.

Her skin was so soft, so warm as he trailed his fingertips lightly over her face, her eyelashes fluttering against them as she closed them in her pleasure. She continued her slow rise and fall on his cock, bringing him agony and ecstasy with each stroke.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered, as he continued his exploration.

Her neck was a long column of silk, the fluttering pulse beneath the surface calling to him in a steady siren song. Deacon leaned in and licked that spot, groaning when he could hear her heartbeat speed up, the blood moving more quickly through that sweet curve of her body, begging him to complete their intimacy by sharing lifeblood.

Casting out those dangerously alluring thoughts, he followed the delicate curve of her collarbone, down the valley between her plump tits and under to cup and caress the swollen globes. Her ni**les, pink and tight, stood out against her pale skin and he gave in to the urge to taste. They were sweet, the flavor of Cici still strong and true against his tongue as he sucked the one to a hard, wet point.

Cici cried out above him as he moved to its twin, allowing himself a gentle nip before drawing it into his mouth. Her skin, now heating up with their loveplay, was like fire against his tongue, lips, hands. She was burning so hot his own temperature rose in response.

“Deacon, please,” she begged above him, her fingers curling tightly in his hair to hold him in place against her breast. He sucked more deeply, the pulls creating a clenching in her sex that made his c*ck harden even more.

The telltale tingling low in his spine told him that he would not last much longer. It had been too long without her. Now that he knew what it was like to be inside her, to love her with his body, and the eye-crossing pleasure she could bring him, he was like an addict. Fine when he had a steady supply of the good stuff and a mess of tweaking goo when he denied his needs.

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