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Pleasure of a Dark Prince (Immortals After Dark #9)(5)
Author: Kresley Cole

But then came a trickle of unease. Never had he been so crazed for a female. He comprehended his life would never be the same if he continued tonight. A daunting thought for any male. Yet when he gazed down at her, Garreth knew he had to have her no matter what.

With that in mind, he reached down, using his fore claw to slice the crotch of her shorts. As he shoved the material to her waist, he clumsily fumbled his jeans to his knees.

Her panties were black and sleek - sexy as hell. He hooked his fingers into the material, about to tear them off her, but she grabbed his wrist. "Don't!"

"Canna wait, waited so long..." My cock's about to go off. He wanted it to - inside her. Needed to pump his se**n deep into her womb as he marked her as his own forever.

She shook her head, her expression growing panicked. "I can't! They... they stay on."

Confusion.  - Seduce her.  -

So he bent down between her legs and kissed her through the damp silk of her panties. She gasped, but her gasp turned to a moan when he licked, nipped, and nuzzled in bliss. Once she was helplessly undulating her h*ps to his mouth for more, he again tried to rid her of her panties.

"Wait!" she cried.

With a growl, he covered her body with his own, wrapping her hair around his fist. "Lousha, I have to have you. I'll bring you pleasure, make you come till you scream." He punctuated his words with a rock of his hips.

When his c*ck rubbed over her silk-covered sex, her eyes went wide. "Oh... oh!"

"You're about tae, are you no'?"

She nodded up at him. "I think.... I don't know - "

You'll know. He'd make her. He bucked against her.

"Ah! Don't stop that! Please...."


"Yes, there! Ah, yes!" Her head thrashed on the ground. "Just don't stop!"

"Will no'. I may come atop you - but I will no' stop." He ground against her, struggling to hold his seed. He was on the verge, spasms already beginning in his swollen shaft, the head moist.

Lightning struck a tree directly beside them - she didn't notice and he forgot when he saw her lost expression, her silver eyes.... Ah, gods, she's coming. "Yes, Lousha!" Bucking furiously, pants at his knees, he grew desperate to shove into her, to feel her clenching around him. "Come hard for me...."

She screamed, her knees falling open as she pressed those big br**sts into his chest. As his h*ps pumped over her, she dug her claws into his back, holding him tight to her.

Mine! Now you're mine.... He leaned down to her ear. "You've maddened me for you, have changed everything." Reaching between them, clutching her panties, he rasped, "So I'm going to f**k you long and hard, beauty, because if I'm to be enslaved by you - I want to be your master as well."

He yanked free her silk, and the head of his c*ck slipped against the slick folds, soaked from her orgasm. His eyes rolled back in his head just as she screamed, "No!"

She shoved against his chest. "No, don't!" It was as if he'd doused her with ice water, her passion evaporating in a rush. "I can't do this!"

"The hell you say!"

She continued scrambling from him. "Let me go!"

-  She knows fear.  - Though his c*ck was about to explode, throbbing so hard it felt like it'd been slammed in a door, he finally let her up. His bollocks were heavy, aching with seed.

"I don't want this... didn't want it."

He'd been a thrust away from claiming his mate... "You dinna want it?" He shot to his feet, dragging on his jeans. When he tried to zip them over his swollen shaft, lust turned to anger and frustration such as he'd never known. "Then why were you riding my crotch like a wanton as you sucked my tongue?"

She gasped, trying to put her clothes to rights, darting for her bow and quiver. Once she'd collected her weapons, both of their gazes fell on the black panties he'd ripped free. She reached forward, but he snatched them from her, stuffing them in his pocket.

She blinked in confusion, backing away.

"Doona walk away," he growled. "You think I will no' follow?"

"You don't understand!"

Her eyes are... haunted? "Then make me understand! Is it because of what I am?"

"If you try to follow me, I-I'll hate you forever."

Damn it! What was happening here? She looked like she was about to flee for her life.

Suddenly thoughts of his cousin Bowen's tragic history arose in his mind. Deadened Bowen was a cautionary tale to all Lykae males of what happened when a mate - who was other - ran.

Bowen's female had perished as she'd fled from him, dying gruesomely.

Cold fear suffused Garreth at the thought of Lucia hurt. He inhaled sharply, wrestling for control, even as he watched what he coveted most in the world slipping from his grasp.


What just happened? How?

Lucia had almost been... unchaste, about to lose her purity - and therefore her abilities - right before the Accession!

One misstep had nearly cost Lucia her powers. Because Skathi hadn't gifted her with anything. Lucia's archery skills were on loan - and conditional.

How close she'd been. How close...

Yet even now her body was still thrumming for his touch - for more.

Lucia made it really simple for herself. The Accession meant Cruach. Succumbing to this Lykae meant no archery. She'd be defenseless if the Broken Bloody One escaped his prison and returned for her. Returned to make me pay...

Whatever MacRieve saw in her expression had him backing away with his palms raised. "There, lass. Doona be afraid. You've nothing to fear from me."

She knew her eyes were wild, her heart racing with dread. "I-I'm not afraid of you!" I'm afraid of him - afraid of being trapped back in his corpse-ridden lair. She put the back of her hand against her mouth as she retched.

Lucia, I gave you meat and wine....

"Now, Valkyrie, just wait. I dinna mean to upset you." MacRieve absently swiped a hand over his still-engorged shaft, as if it pained him - even now her body responded to the sight.

"If you're bent on leaving, then meet me here this weekend," he said tightly, as if this was a great concession. "Saturday at noon, we'll return. That'll give us both time to cool off, to think about this."

His offer did surprise her. "I... I don't know." He'd told her that she wasn't his mate, but she thought he'd lied since his reaction had been so fierce. Now she began to believe again, because otherwise he'd have been thumping his chest and snarling, "Mine!" as he slung her over his shoulder. "All right. I agree to it," she lied, feeling something she hadn't in a long time with a male. Five hundred years to be exact.


There was no rain in the bayou Saturday night. Only quiet.

Garreth had been waiting here since quarter past ten this morning. He'd risen at dawn, too anxious to remain abed, and begun to get ready. He'd intended to take care with his dress, to present himself as a male of worth, like the leader that he was. Not like the hard-drinking, foulmouthed brawler Lucia likely thought him.

Then he'd realized he owned nothing but hole-ridden jeans, broken-in boots, and pullover shirts.

Hardly a fitting match for a lass with her delicate beauty. Hell, it hadn't mattered anyway. She's no' coming. What he didn't know was why. Yes, the Valkyrie hated the Lykae, considered them animals. But she'd responded to him.

Gods, how she'd responded. She'd taken her release and left him stranded and aching for his. He'd witnessed Lucia in the grip of passion, and she'd been like no female he'd ever imagined.

At the memory of her lust, his c*ck swelled in his worn jeans, and he rubbed the heel of his palm down his raging erection. All week, he'd been like this, randy as a lad in his first brothel, no matter how many times he took release. He'd hoped to be inside her this day, imagining it in a thousand different ways.

But she's no' meeting me. He checked the clock on his sat-phone. Ten at night. Clearly, he needed to call this. Lucia, it seemed, was in no way easy. He'd gotten his wish, and wished he hadn't.

As soon as she'd left him here that night, Garreth had dragged Munro and Uilleam out of the still-going game and told them, "We need to find out everything we can on our new neighbors, the Valkyrie. All of them." He'd been amazed at how little the Lykae knew about that faction of the Lore. And again he'd sworn his friends to secrecy. "Say nothing about this to anyone." If word got back to the clan elders that they were about to have a Valkyrie for a queen...


He and the twins had agreed that no one could know about Lucia until she was bearing Garreth's bite mark upon her neck. The beast inside any Lykae would recognize the claim as Garreth's, would know she was forever under his protection.

Then the three of them had combed the streets of New Orleans, a city they hadn't visited often, and all the while, Garreth impatiently counted down the hours till this day.

Finding information had proved difficult. Big Easy Loreans were suspicious of the Lykae newcomers to their city and on guard with the Accession approaching. Garreth had come up empty in his search, but the twins had charmed a voodoo shopkeeper who'd told them much.

Now as Garreth waited in the swamp, he thought back over all they'd learned about Lucia....

"She's legendary for her archery skills," Munro had said. "Nothing else unique about her."

That was all she was known for? "There must be more. What does she like to do? What are her interests?"

"No one knows," Uilleam had answered. "She's just the Archer." As if nothing more needed to be said about her. It was how she was identified.

Munro had added, "But it's rumored that she feels agonizing pain whenever she misses a target."

Luckily, Garreth couldn't see that happening too often with her skill. But then his chest had grown heavy.

Was that how she'd gotten to be so good?

Above all, they'd learned the Valkyrie were peculiar creatures. Their origin alone fascinated him. Each Valkyrie had three parents. Whenever a maiden faced death with uncommon bravery, the Norse gods Freya and Wóden struck her with lightning, rescuing her to Valhalla. The maiden would wake there - healed, safe, and pregnant with a Valkyrie daughter.

The birth mothers hailed from all Lorekind - furies, witches, shifters, even humans. So the daughters would each possess the unique coloring and characteristics of the mother, but they all inherited Freya's fey features and her notorious acquisitiveness - in fact, they could be mesmerized by shining jewels, diamonds especially.

The Valkyrie were rumored to have glass-shattering shrieks, preternatural speed, and no need to eat or drink. Instead they consumed electrical energy from the earth and produced lightning when they experienced sharp emotions.

That had been a legend about Valkyrie he'd never quite believed until he'd been in the throes with one. Lightning had speared the night, and not only from the storm.

Garreth had learned about various individual Valkyrie as well. Nïx was their soothsayer, rumored to be three thousand years old and mad as a hatter. Regin was the last of the Radiant Ones and had skin that glowed. Annika was the dauntless leader of the New Orleans coven, a master strategist who lived to war with vampires.

No one knew who Lucia's birth mother was - or what she'd been - but the shopkeeper had said this Accession would be Lucia's third. Which meant that she was over a millennium old - near his own age.

In the end, Garreth had more questions about her than answers....

She's no' coming. Damn it, why? He'd shown her passion - and patience. But she'd been skittish toward the end. Wild-eyed and spooked. Perhaps she feared the intensity of her own reaction? Or of his?

He recalled what Bowen had once told him. "We doona understand our own ferocity." His cousin's deadened eyes had been filled with loss. "What's normal to us is no' to others." Bowen's own mate had loved him, until she'd seen him turned. Then she'd fled.

Lucia too had fled - yet she hadn't even seen a glimpse of the beast.

The Lykae called their transformation letting the beast out of its cage. Garreth would grow taller, his muscles extending, his fangs and black claws lengthening. The brutal and menacing shadow of his beast would flicker over him.

No, Lucia dinna see me like that. He scowled at the waxing moon. But she soon will.

She would run far, if he wasn't careful. Another glance at the moon, and he knew what he would have to do on that night. "Ah, Lousha, my lass. It's going to hurt. But there's no getting around it."

For now, she wasn't coming to him, so again he'd go to her. He stood and turned for the Valkyrie's home of Val Hall. Since he'd met her, he'd staked out the bizarre place. Lightning bombarded the property, flashing constantly above the antebellum manor. All over the grounds, lightning rods jutted up. Smoking moss dangled from burned oaks. From within, Valkyrie shrieks sounded.

None of that mattered but for the fact that Lucia would be within. He strides took him closer and closer to her.


"Lykae in our backyards. Horde vampires seeking out Valkyries all over the world. Happy Accession!" Regin cried from her "command center," also known as the dining room table, which now stood covered with maps and papers - all lit by her glowing face.

The more excited Regin became, the more she glowed. Yet that wasn't the only reason she was called the Radiant One....

Lucia made a noncommittal sound, only half listening. She'd thought she'd spotted something outside the manor. She was curled up in a window seat, bow in her lap, peering out at the night. The gaslights flickered outside Val Hall, like tentative steps into the blackness.

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