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Dreams of a Dark Warrior (Immortals After Dark #11)(13)
Author: Kresley Cole

"Heed my warning, Aidan."

Declan tensed at that name. "What did you cal me?"

"Your name, brother."

Declan turned to the wide-eyed doctor. "Put him in the schedule, Dixon. He's a level-four candidate."

She gave him a surprised look. That meant a round of their harshest experiments, including vivisection.

Brandr noticed the look. "What the hel are you doing, Aidan?"

"Schedule it now. " When she scurried away, Declan approached the glass. "I've encountered many of your kind, and one thing remains the same, no matter what species or faction or breed. Deceit. You live

and breathe trickery. I don't know your aim-"

"My aim is to escape this place with you and that glowing Valkyrie in tow."

"You think to take me as your hostage?"

Shoulders back, the male said, "I think to take you as my kinsman."

"What the hel are you talking about-"

"Fight!" someone down the ward yel ed. Other inmates joined in, "Fight, fight!"

Chapter ELEVEN

One minute, Regin had been bathing at the sink; the next, she'd been abetting an escape attempt.

She'd glanced up to see two guards dragging Uil eam MacRieve past their cel . The werewolf was supposed to be drugged, but he didn't seem completely subdued. His head lol ed, but not with each step.

Her ears had twitched, and she'd known something was up.

Straightaway, she'd cal ed to the guards, "Oh, boys?" She'd sauntered to the glass in only her black lace bra and panties. "I need some assistance." When they slowed, agog, she'd purred, "Can one of you help me find my orgasm?" Then she'd pivoted, presenting her admittedly mind-blowing ass. "Oh, look, clumsy me, I dropped something." She bent over from the waist.

With the guards distracted, MacRieve had shoved them away, hopping his cuffs to bring his bound hands in front of his body. Claws and fangs bared, he'd attacked.

"Fight! Fight!" the inmates began yel ing.

Prisoners all along the ward banged on the glass wal s, their shouts echoing down the corridor.

"Zing! Kick their mortal asses, Scot!" Regin cried along with the rest of them. "Fuck 'em up!"

Behind her, the kid banged his head faster, faster. Natalya leapt up to hold him still .

With a howl, MacRieve slashed one guard's jugular, then bit at the throat of the second one, blood dripping from his fangs.

Suddenly, Chase stormed into the fray, bel owing as he tackled MacRieve. They wrestled over the floor, trading vicious blows.

Normal y the werewolf would thrash him-the Lykae were among the most powerful of all the sentient creatures-but MacRieve had been weakened by his torque.

Stil , Chase shouldn't be winning that handily. He wasn't merely subduing the wolf, he was beating the living hel out of him.

Fighting like a berserker. A lean bear in winter.

The way he moved ...

Right before her eyes, his muscles began to tighten and expand, his body growing larger, stretching his layers of black clothing taut. His massive gloved fists cracked bone each time they connected.

When more guards arrived, they had to peel a bludgeoned MacRieve away from the magister's assault.

Once they'd taken the Lykae away, Chase rose, his big chest heaving. His normally pale face was flushed, making his gray irises more vivid. His hair was finally shoved out of his eyes to better reveal those chiseled features.

At that moment, he was handsome, powerful, and so much like Aidan that she gasped. Just as with Aidan, she was uncontrol ably attracted to him.

An invisible force. Like two magnets.

He swung his head around at her. Instead of looking surprised by her lack of clothing, his gaze raked over her heatedly, taking in every part of her.

A look both scorching and possessive.

A look that made her pulse race.

His irises flickered. The color of storm clouds lit by lightning. As if unaware of what he was doing, he took two steps closer to her.

She mirrored his action, then raised her hands to the glass. Her claws curled against the barrier between them, her breaths gone shal ow.

All else was forgotten. Declan Chase was forgotten. all she could see was Aidan.

Want to be near him.

But when she realized he would soon leave her behind, an old habit rose to the fore. In ancient Norse, the words tumbled out: "Take me with you, warrior."

Take her with him?

At that instant, Declan was tempted to do just that.

Christ almighty, her body.

He exhaled a shaky breath at the sight of her dressed only in tight black lingerie. Her bra and panties were mere scraps of lace, displaying taut legs, a narrow waist, and curvy hips. High, plump br**sts spil ed out from the cups.

Her glowing skin was damp and smooth.

When she shivered and her ni**les stiffened, he was rapt.

Then he remembered what she was. Abomination. Enemy.

Casting her a look of scorn, he abruptly turned away. He strode to his quarters with his fists bal ed and his mind in turmoil.

Because he was hard.

God preserve me. For her.

Not possible. The medicine prevented him from getting aroused. Hadn't he done two doses last night?

And the night before that?

Yet there was no denying the effect she'd had on him.

Inside his room, he paced, fighting the urge to watch her on the screen. Abomination, enemy, his mind repeated over and over.

He inhaled deeply-only to release a hoarse breath as the fabric of his pants rubbed his aching shaft.

With a bitter curse he sat at his console and pulled up her cel . She was still staring at the glass, giving him a view of her from the back.

Tight black lace against damp golden skin. Her pert arse was too generous to be covered by her smallpanties.

He heard a groan, was shocked to realize the sound had come from him. His c*ck was now throbbing.

It'd been so long since he'd been hard, longer still since he'd come. Enjoy it this once.

While he might not miss sex, he damn sure missed the feel of spending hot seed from his body.

Stroke himself off to a detrus?

Declan was at risk of beguilement. Knew it. There'd been operatives who'd fal en for immortals-he'd always thought them stupid beyond measure. No miscreat was worth the consequences.

Cast out.


He shot to his feet, pacing once more. Get control of yourself. He could beat this. No man possesses a stronger will than you, Dekko.

He had work to do. His duty. There'd just been an escape attempt-with casualties-and he was due to interrogate Lothaire shortly.

Once he'd broken the vampire, Declan would go for an extended run over the sizable island. He knew every part of it-the forests, the mountain caves, the rocky shores, knew where each incendiary bomb was located.

Because I planted them all myself. Declan secretly considered it his own territory. Now he envisioned the miles he'd cover, the way he'd push his body to exhaustion. ...

Minutes ticked by. In time, he exhaled, confident that he'd regained control. The Valkyrie had sent him reeling, but he'd found his footing once more.

Go break the vampire.

But first Declan needed to erase the security feed of his unexpected reaction to the Valkyrie. He never knew who was monitoring those videos. He pulled it up, scrutinizing their interaction, struggling to understand what power she had over him.

He was about to delete the scene when he realized something that couldn't be right.

At the end, she hadn't spoken to him in English-nor in that unknown language she spoke with the fey. This was something new. Yet he'd understood her.

"I'm not going to lay off until you tell me," Natalya said to Regin in the old language.

For the last two hours she'd demanded to know why Chase's eyes had changed, why he'd changed, in reaction to Regin. Unfortunately, the fey had witnessed the entire exchange as she'd tended the kid.

Regin answered in the same tongue, "Just don't tell anyone in the grapevine what you saw."

"Only if you let me in on what happened. Other-wise ..."

Regin glared. "Fine. After you vow to the Lore never to repeat what I'm about to tell you."

Once Natalya did, Regin outlined her and Aidan's history, his past embodiments, his deaths. She finished with, "And now he's reincarnated once more. This time ... as Declan Chase."

Natalya gasped. "Then all you have to do is make Chase remember his past? Just get him alone so he can kiss you?"

"Yeah. That's all it ever takes." For some reason, her kiss did a rewind on each reincarnation's mind, sending him back to that one particular moment in Aidan's life, just before he'd claimed her the first time.

"No one keeps me from you," he'd growl.

And then nothing could.

He would claim her in a berserkrage and die shortly after from some freak accident or assassination.

Over these thousand years, that pattern had repeated itself again and again.

Now, if she was with him when it happened, Regin could use his print to remove her torque and escape, leading others back here to free their all ies.

Natalya rose, pacing. "What is your hesitation?"

"I told you what he meant to me!" And earlier, all of her old feelings for him had resurfaced.

"Chase will interrogate you soon. And then You'll be vivisected. More important, then I will soon be vivisected!"

"I know this!" Regin was murderously pissed at Chase. But actively plotting to kil Aidan? She recalled the way his eyes would crinkle when he grinned, could hear his laughter as if it were yesterday.

Remember when I vowed I would love you. ...

"These mortals plan to exterminate us all ," Natalya said. "And they actual y seem to be making strides.

Still, the fey will live on. But how many of you Valkyrie are left?"

Not enough.

Regin thought of Lucia, out there about to face her worse nightmare alone. I've got to get to her.

By hastening the death of a male I've mourned for centuries?

Behind them, the kid spoke for the first time, muttering, "You ... glow."

Chapter TWELVE

Lothaire the Enemy of Old woke strapped to a table in a blindingly white room, the bright artificial light paining his sensitive eyes.

He strained against his bindings, thoughts roiling. Get to my ring. To get to her. His master-the Endgame-commanded him. But Lothaire couldn't break free.

For mil ennia, no enemy had held him. Now a mortal had somehow captured him, had been faster than any human he'd ever encountered.

When Chase strode into the room, Lothaire's fangs went sharp with aggression. Then his eyes narrowed. Something was amiss with this male. Seething anger rol ed off him in waves.

"I have questions for you, vampire," he said in a low, raspy voice. "Answer them and you will be spared any unnecessary pain-"

"Who is your commander?" Lothaire interrupted.

"What does that matter?" The man's face was ashen and scarred.

Despise scars. "I am a king. I don't negotiate with mortals at your pay grade."

"A king, is it? That's not what my intel says. In any case, I run this facility. Everything goes through me."

"Then you can bring me my ring. I want to see it."

"We'l get to that. But first, You'll tell me what you know about the Valkyrie."

I know it feels like rapture to snap a Valkyrie's neck. He twisted against his bonds with remembered pleasure, sighing, "The Archer. The Archer in the Green Hel ." He'd broken her neck like a twig. I know that Valkyrie are abhorrent. "Sanctimonious, nosy, prideful."

Chase peered at Lothaire as if he'd spoken nonsense.

"My ring, mortal!"

"This one?" the magister pulled the band from a case in his pocket.

Lothaire's eyes widened. At the sight of his ring, he punctured his bottom lip with a fang for a shot of blood, sucking with need.

"What does it do, vampire?"

Damn it, he wore gloves? "Take off a glove and touch it." Be the last one to touch it. "You'll better understand its power."

Chase gave him a shrewd look. "No, I don't believe I will ."

"If you keep it here, you will bring evil down upon this place." She was coming for him. But he had to get back to her. He still had crumbs of her mummy flesh in his pocket. still had gold flakes from her body.

"What kind of evil?"

"Hers!" Once the waters receded, she and her foul guards would come.

"As no evil can get out of this facility," Chase said, "I'm confident the reverse is true as well."

She could reach Lothaire across time if she needed to. A mere mortal jail couldn't keep her out.

"You play with a god's power. She wants the ring."

"What does it do? Why do you want it so badly?"

Lothaire just stared at the ceiling, counting down each second to the time when the Gilded One arrived. "Tel me what it does. Now!" Chase launched his fist against Lothaire's face, the blow like an anvil hit. Lothaire shook his head hard, then grinned up with bloody fangs. "Blyad'! You're no normal mortal."

Another hit, this time with more rage. No wonder this male was able to take me! Though Lothaire sensed Chase wasn't an immortal per se, he was somehow enhanced.

Probably taking some chemical to increase his strength. The male's pupils were enlarged, and a sweet scent emanated from his skin. "I wonder what you'd taste like."

"You filthy leech, answer me."

Lothaire sighed. "Chto ty nesesh'?"

"Why am I bothering you with this? Is that what you said?"

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