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Tegan's Magic (The Ultimate Power #3)(11)
Author: L.H. Cosway

Father McGuire knows exactly who the DOH are because he just so happens to be their appointed minister. That’s why Finn attends this particular church. After we’ve stocked the boot of Finn’s car with countless bottles of holy water, we head home. I’m so ready for my bed right now, everything else can wait until tomorrow.

It’s dark by the time we park outside the house, and in my world darkness means one major thing – vampires. I can make out the shapes of Ethan and Delilah through the living room blinds. Did they just let themselves into the place, or did Ira answer the door to them?

“You girls go on in. I’m going to start getting the water out of the boot and bringing it inside,” says Finn as we get out of the car.

Rita nods and skips straight to her motor home. I don’t think it’s fair that Finn should have to carry in all the bottles after what he’s been through, so I go to help him. Okay, I might also be feeling a little guilty about the stabbing incident. Even though he’s fine now, I can’t help thinking that I might have been able to fight him off in a less extreme manner.

“What are you doing?” he asks, as I start loading bottles into my arms. We stashed a lot of them in the rucksacks Finn brought, but we ended up buying more than we could fit in those, so the boot is filled with loose ones.

“Helping you,” I answer quietly.

He raises a sceptical eyebrow and nods to the living room window. “Are you sure you’re not just trying to avoid the prince of darkness in there?”

I giggle. “I actually hadn’t thought of that, but now that you say it, yes I do want to avoid Ethan. He’s still keeping a firm hold of that grudge and thanks to Marcel’s potion all I want to do when I see him is jump on him. Those two factors don’t exactly make for good times.”

Finn stops collecting bottles and stares at me for a minute. Just as I’m starting to get self-conscious, he asks, “How much longer do you think it’ll be before it wears off? The lust thing, I mean.”

“Rita said a couple of days, but I could feel it wearing off already last night.”

“Hmm,” says Finn, a thoughtful expression on his face as he scrapes his palm over his stubbly jaw. We work in silence for a few minutes. Out of the blue Finn tells me, “I went to see Marcel last night. Broke his nose for what he did.”

I gape at him. “You’re nuts.”

“He needed to be told,” he states simply.

I turn to him, unable to help the small smile on my lips and the feeling of warmth spreading through my middle. “Yeah, he kinda did, didn’t he.” I nod to the living room window. “I wonder what they want.”

“Well, we’re about to find out,” Finn replies, slotting his key in the door.

I button my shirt up over my neck so that Ethan won’t see my bruises and start asking questions. Not because I don’t want him to know, I’m just too tired for all explaining that would entail. We stack the bottles in the empty cupboard under the sink and then go into the living room, where we find Ethan standing sternly by the mantelpiece, Delilah perched on the arm of a chair and Lucas sitting comfortably on the sofa.

“Decided to let yourselves in did you?” Finn asks in that way he has of sounding friendly yet entirely pissed off at the same time.

“You need better locks,” Lucas remarks, biting on a nail.

Finn bristles at this, probably because breaking and entering is normally his forte. Lucas is coming across cocky as usual, but there’s an air of edginess about him, Delilah too. Ethan seems to be radiating fumes of anger beneath his calm façade.

“What happened to you both?” he asks, taking in our bloodied clothing.

“We had a close encounter with Theodore. Nothing big, just him making sure we know he’s got the biggest balls in this playground,” Finn answers casually.

Ethan’s eyes cut to me. “Were you hurt?” He takes a step closer, sniffs the air and then seems to relax. “The blood on you is not yours.” I steel myself when I feel the lust potion waking up at Ethan’s proximity. It’s getting weaker by the hour though, which is relieving.

“It’s Finn’s,” I mumble and sit down on the couch. My muscles ache from my struggle earlier.

“She stabbed me,” Finn adds with a big smile, showing his teeth and dropping down onto the couch beside me. “Rita worked her magic though, so I’m right as rain.” He leans close to my ear, allowing his breath to linger on my skin. “Now I’ve got your mark on me,” he whispers. “So when do I get to put my mark on you?”

I give him a look that says not now and glance back at Ethan. If he heard Finn’s whisper it doesn’t show on his face. He walks slowly over to the window and stands with his back to the room.

“Why would you stab him?” Delilah asks me, curious rather than concerned.

“Long story, magic was involved. It was a do or die situation,” I answer and she nods in understanding.

“Did you notice that anyone’s missing?” Ethan interrupts, without turning back around. His voice is deceptively casual. There’s absolutely nothing casual about his stance though. He reminds me of a coiled spring. The fact that he’s not facing us seems kind of foreboding.

“Rita’s in her trailer and you know the others have gone to see Gabriel’s warlock friend,” I say, my brow furrowing in confusion. What’s he getting at?

Ethan turns around fast, his face is no longer an empty canvas. Now there’s fury seeping out of him. “Dru and Will have left. They said they didn’t want to live as exiles anymore, so they’re going to start again in a new city.”

“You let them go?” Finn asks in surprise.

Ethan cuts him a hateful look. “Of course I did. I’m not entirely morally bankrupt. I don’t keep people prisoners. If they want to leave then they can leave.”

His eyes land on me, as though reminding me of the time I left Tribane. He hadn’t wanted me to go back then, but he hadn’t forced me to stay either when he probably could have. Then again, I’m half tempted to mutter something under my breath about him being involved in locking a little girl up in an attic not too long ago.

“So we’re left with two vamps and one dhamp,” Finn says humorously and shrugs. “Things could be worse. Turn that frown upside down. A big fella such as yourself shouldn’t be getting so upset just because his friends don’t want to play with him anymore.”

He’s taunting Ethan now. Delilah gives him a look that warns him not to push it. Hell, even I can see that Ethan’s temper is on a knife edge and I’ve been known to push his buttons at the worst possible moments myself.

“You need to learn when to be silent, slayer.” Ethan’s words come out more than a little threatening.

“I don’t need to learn anything from you, leech,” Finn retorts, putting the same emphasis on the word leech as Ethan did on slayer.

Both of them despise what the other one is and this tête a tête is giving them the opportunity to air their dislike. Things could go badly wrong here. If I weren’t so exhausted from almost dying today I’d probably do something to kill whatever argument is brewing. They eye each other and the tension is palpable.

Suddenly, Ethan starts laughing and shakes his head. When his gaze lands on me I go tense. “Do you see what you’ve reduced me to? Squabbling in some white trash dump with a slayer, and not even a halfling slayer, but a human one, Irish scum at that.”

Finn slowly stands, his posture defensive and his face hard as steel. He doesn’t say a word.

“You need to get over this, Ethan. I understand that you’ve lost a lot because of me, but what’s done is done. You can get another night club, another swanky house. And one more thing, don’t you dare call Finn Irish scum again or I’ll tell him to stake you myself.”

Finn gives me an approving nod.

Ethan takes one step forward.

I lock my fingers together in anxiety and try to make my face look impassive. Ethan glares between the two of us and narrows his gaze. The moment drags out, while someone noisily opens and shuts the front door. Rita saunters into the room, holding several empty spray bottles in her arms.

“Um, am I interrupting something?” she asks, noting the heightened tension.

“No you’re not,” Delilah announces, rising from her seat. She lets her eyes travel between me, Ethan and Finn. “I think you three should avoid talking as much as possible,” she says. “It only ever ends in drama.”

Ethan grudgingly agrees with his sister and Finn makes an obvious effort to calm down.

“So I was going to show them how to make the mixture,” Rita says to Finn, gesturing to Ethan, Lucas and Delilah.

“Yeah, good idea,” says Finn, before stalking out of the room. A moment later I hear him slamming shut his bedroom door.

“Don’t mind him, he’s had a rough day,” say Rita, excusing Finn’s moodiness since she didn’t witness the argument that happened before she came in. “Come on into the kitchen and I’ll show you how to kill the mists. Tegan and I discovered a formula during our research this morning.”

Intrigued, they file out after Rita and I drop back down onto the couch, letting out a long stream of breath. About fifteen minutes later I hear them going into the back garden, probably to test out the spray on the mists captured inside the shed.

I go upstairs to take a shower, noting the steam on the tiles. Finn must have just been in here. I remember what he said to me before, about putting his mark on me like I did to him. The memory of his words makes me tremble.

I’m going to have to sort out my emotions. More and more often he makes me get all befuddled, especially when he says things like that. It feels like every little touch he gives me, however casual it might seem, means something. This is dangerous territory. Living with Finn is causing what started out as begrudging attraction to turn into a full on crush.

And don’t even get me started on Ethan. My entire relationship with the vampire has been one massive clusterf**k from the beginning. Looking at the history of my sad little love life as a whole, I haven’t had much luck. When you live in a world of sorcerers and warlocks, vampires and dhamphirs, you don’t tend to have a lot of time to spend on matters of the heart.

I need to talk to Finn.

I take a quick shower, put on some clean clothes and go to knock on his bedroom door.

“Who is it?” he calls.

“Tegan,” I answer softly.

A pause. “Come in.”

Inside the room I find Finn stretched out on his bed in a t-shirt and lounge pants with a movie playing on his laptop. “Inception,” he says, when I lean forward to see what he’s watching.

“Oh. I haven’t seen that one.”

He grins, patting the empty space beside him on the bed. “Watch it with me then. It’s only ten minutes in.”

I grab one of his pillows, fluff it up and lie down, making sure to keep a bit of space between us. We watch in silence for a half an hour. This isn’t the sort of film you can just sit back and brainlessly absorb. It’s good though, because trying to figure out what’s going on in the story is keeping me from thinking about my blossoming feelings for Finn and what I should or shouldn’t do about them. Unfortunately, once I realise that this is the case, I stop thinking about the film and start thinking about Finn.

I’m attracted to both him and Ethan, yet the way I feel about each of them is entirely different. Being with Ethan is exhilarating and thrilling. He makes my heart beat faster and for a while I thought I might be falling for him, but I can never relax around him. I never know what’s really going on inside his head. Recent events have shown me that he can turn on me in an instant. He’s just so…other.

Finn I know I can trust. After everything that’s happened I feel like he’s probably the one person I can trust the most, even over Rita, and I adore Rita. A connection is building between us, and it’s becoming more and more evident that I feel more for him than simple friendship. Ethan might be flawless and beautiful, but Finn is just so real. So warm and full of life – human life. The problem is, no matter how much I tell myself that Ethan is wrong for me on so many levels, I can’t seem to get the vampire out of my mind.

My head starts to thump. Too much is happening all at once and I’ve never been a good multi-tasker. Perhaps I should just forget about my stupid heart for a while and focus on the important things; keeping Rebecca safe, rescuing my dad, and making sure the human population of Tribane doesn’t end up imploding.

Finn’s phone vibrates with a text message, drawing me out of my thoughts. He checks it and gives a soft chuckle, passing it over to me to read. It’s from Rita.

Out killing mists with the vamps. So much FUN! Feel like a witch ninja :-D

“She’s mad,” I say fondly, passing the phone back to Finn. Our fingers touch a little; it frightens me how aware I am of the contact.

“She is,” he agrees, but then his face turns serious. “What do you think of that thing Theodore said to her today, about not coming for her yet? Yet implies that he plans on coming for her later.”

“I’m not sure. Rita believes she has a dark half and a light half; the light half is from Noreen and the dark half is from Theodore. She’s scared that the dark half will take over one day, but she’s also determined not to let that happen. Maybe Theodore wants her dark half to take over so that she’ll join forces with him. Can you imagine how powerful those two could be together?” I shudder involuntarily.

Finn purses his lips. “We’ll have to keep an eye on her, make sure she stays light, as you put it.”

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