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Tegan's Magic (The Ultimate Power #3)(7)
Author: L.H. Cosway

I frown. “I’m not a piece of skirt and I wasn’t trying to fool you. I was just trying to do the right thing.”

Even to me my explanation sounds hollow. There’s just no right or wrong in this situation. All this time I’ve been justifying my actions, telling myself that I did good by saving Rebecca, because let’s face it, it had been the moral thing to do. But on the other side of the coin, I hadn’t really been thinking about what Ethan had lost because of me. I always just saw him as this ancient, wealthy vampire who wouldn’t really care about losing a house or a stupid night club, or the respect of his people. How f**king clueless could I be?

“How long had you been living in that house?” I ask in a quiet voice.

Ethan’s eyes, which had been trained on the mantelpiece, come back to me. “Almost sixty years.”

Jesus. That’s practically a whole lifetime for a human.

“I’m sorry,” I let my eyes drop to the floor.

“You are young. You haven’t yet had the need to call a place home, really call it home. When you are my age, having a place that’s yours can be one of the few things that keep you sane.” His face that for a second went soft, now hardens. “I don’t have that anymore thanks to you. And now you come sauntering up to me, thinking that a little seduction will convince me to forgive you. That’s a low move, Tegan.”

“That’s not what I’d been doing. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but my body wants you. Is it maybe because I drank your blood yesterday?”

“No. The sexual attraction wouldn’t come into it at this point, you’d only be feeling a craving for more blood. But after only one feeding that wouldn’t happen. The addiction needs to build over time.”

He steps up close to me and lets his fingertips linger over my pulse, which is pounding in my neck. “God I can smell your need for me so strongly. What is this?” he ponders, eyes roaming my body.

I turn my head so that my lips graze his jaw. He lets out what sounds like a Romanian curse word.

“You are such a f**king temptation,” he tells me, his tone strained.

His low voice makes the lust that I had managed to tamper down over the last few minutes come surging back to life. “You can have me, all of me,” I tell him.

The second I’m finished saying the words, Ethan’s mouth comes crashing down on mine. He shoves the hem of my dress up and runs his hands along both of my inner thighs. I let out a long moan and grab one of his hands, urging it towards my centre where I need his touch the most.

He growls against my mouth, his tongue sliding along mine and his fangs scraping over my bottom lip. I’m in such danger of being nicked by one of them, but I’m too turned on to care. All of a sudden I’m sweating, like I’ve gone into a frenzy. I push Ethan down onto the couch, before jumping on top of him. His hand has found its way inside my underwear and his fingers plunge inside of me.

“Fuck,” he swears, and then lifts me up before throwing me down onto the couch so that I’m beneath him. He begins rambling in Romanian as he trails kisses down my throat and scrapes his fangs against my sensitive skin. I have to admit, it’s one of my favourite “Ethan moves”. It wedges me on the cusp of danger and sets my every pore tingling. He coaxes me to a fast release with his fingers. Unfortunately, I don’t quite get there.

I scramble for his t-shirt to try and pull it over his head, but he grabs my wrists to prevent me. He stops what he’s doing and pulls back, his breath coming out thick and ragged.

“I don’t want this,” he mutters and shakes his head. “This is not what I want.” It’s like he’s thinking out loud, trying to convince himself.

“I want you,” I tell him.

“No you don’t. Something is wrong with you. You’re not wild like this, you surrender sweetly.” He runs a finger down the centre of my chest. “Look at this,” he says, holding it up for me to see. “You’re sweating too much and you don’t smell right. You smell like you’ve been corrupted.”

I get a fright when I take stock of myself and realise that he’s right, I’m positively dripping with sweat. My heart thumps hot and heavy in my chest. It feels like it’s trying to burn its way out of my flesh. I push down my dress and straighten up, but my body still wants Ethan. It takes so much energy not to jump on him again. I begin to shake as I try to keep my resistance in place.

The door to the living room opens and Rita and Finn step in casually, mid-chat. “Right so we’ve decided we’re going to lock the jar up in the shed for now,” Rita announces, just before her eyes rest on me and Ethan. “Um, is everything okay in here?” she asks.

“No, everything is not okay. There’s something wrong with her. She’s being overly – amorous,” Ethan replies, seeming exasperated, which is so out of character for him.

Rita lets out a raucous laugh, but she quickly stifles it when Ethan cuts her a cold look. Finn comes right up to me and places his hand on my forehead. “Jesus, you’re burning up.”

“I know. I don’t understand what’s happening to me,” I say, still shaking, my voice desperate. When I look at Ethan he seems to dislike the fact that Finn has his hand on me. The foreign thing that’s taking over my body enjoys his jealousy.

Rita kneels down in front of me by the couch. “How do you feel? Different from normal? Or are you just uh, in the mood for a little..” she trails off and waggles her eyebrows in Ethan’s direction.

“No!” I exclaim. “It’s not like I want this. Ethan clearly can’t stand me and I don’t throw myself at people who hate me.” I think I see him flinch ever so slightly at my words. “I feel like I’m being taken over by something that isn’t me at all. Like some kind of foreign lust has burrowed its way into my body and all it wants is him.” I throw my hand in Ethan’s direction.

Rita puts both of her palms on either side of my head and closes her eyes. She opens them a moment later and seems to be having a hard time keeping her amusement to herself.

“It looks like someone’s given you a lust potion, one that’s directly intended for you to want Ethan. Did you eat or drink anything weird today?”

“No, I haven’t..” I begin but Finn interrupts me.

“That scheming little bastard,” he bursts. We all look at him curiously. Finn levels his attention on me. “Remember today when you were coughing and Marcel gave you a glass of water that he just so happened to have conveniently lying around?”

Oh God. I let my head fall back into the cushion with a dejected thunk. I should have known not to trust Marcel when he said he wasn’t up to anything.

“Why would Marcel give her a lust potion?” Rita asks, confused.

“Because he wants to stir up trouble,” Finn mutters, raking a hand through his hair.

It takes me a moment to get what he’s talking about. Marcel took great pleasure in discovering that Finn might be a little jealous of my past with Ethan. By putting this lust spell on me he knows there’ll be drama to unfold. Causing dissension amongst the ranks of your enemies is a key strategy in wars. I know Marcel said we aren’t his enemies, but we clearly are. We’re certainly not on the same side, that’s for sure.

My stomach twists, as though trying to regurgitate the potion I so obliviously drank earlier.

“How long is this going to last?” I ask Rita in desperation.

“Usually a couple of days. There’s no antidote for a lust spell, you just sort of have to wait it out. You’re sweating so profusely right now because your body is trying to expel it as quickly as possible.”

“Oh great, so I’m going to be in heat for days? I’m not going to last.” I squirm on the couch, my skin feeling too tight for my body.

Finn reaches over and gives my hand a squeeze. “You’re strong, you can do it,” he assures me. “In the meantime, I’m going to have to go pay Marcel another visit. I’ll get some of the boys down at the compound to come with me, maybe Ira too. He needs to be schooled.”

When I look at Ethan again he seems to understand exactly why Marcel gave me the potion, even though it hasn’t been properly explained to him. He’s staring at Finn as though he wants to punch him in the face. Again, the lust that’s corrupting me writhes in pleasure that he’s jealous, even if it’s reluctant jealousy.

It makes me feel all strange to have Ethan hate me and want me all at once. I wish we could just return to the place where he thought he might love me. I’m such a naïve little fool. If he ever loved me at all then he would have forgiven me by now – wouldn’t he? This vampire turns me into a confused mess.

“Hey blondie, maybe you should go home, give my girl here some peace,” Rita suggests to Ethan. “Dee and Lucas have already left.”

Ethan nods, and without another word he exits the room. I instantly feel better that he’s gone.

Rita goes to get a cool damp cloth to put on my forehead.

“So you’re kind of all heated up right now, eh?” says Finn with a smirk. He would have to go running his mouth, as if this isn’t embarrassing enough as it is.

“Like you wouldn’t believe,” I say tiredly, too exhausted from whatever Marcel’s potion is doing to my insides to be snarky with him.

“I can help you out there, if you’d like. Give a little helping hand to get rid of the old vapours,” he suggests cheekily.

I gather just enough energy to give him a slap on the arm, but my heart isn’t in it. I’m in a strange sort of agony, an agony that’s just begging for sexual release. Suddenly Finn’s looking even hotter than normal, and that’s some feat because as I’ve mentioned before, he is one hot vampire slayer. I have to get away from him. Rita comes back in with the damp cloth and rests it on my clammy forehead.

“I think I’ll take a bath. I feel disgusting in all this sweat.”

“Okay, come on upstairs and I’ll run one for you,” she says, helping me up from the couch.

“Oh yeah, I know what women do when they have baths,” says Finn, looking like the cat that got the cream. He levels his bright eyes on me. “Why go for the DIY option when you could have all this sexy masculinity helping you out?” Well, no one can say that Finn doesn’t have a healthy level of self-confidence, that’s for certain.

I grab a cushion and throw it at his head, but he ducks and I miss.

“One more word from you and I swear…”

“You’ll what? Jump my bones in your state of unquenchable lust?” he asks laughing. “We both know I’d enjoy that punishment, Petal.”

I try to think of a good comeback, but my traitorous body is urging me to do exactly what he’s suggested. Instead I steel myself and dash out of the room before I do something I regret.

Chapter Four

You’re So Jealous, I’m So Lonely

I spend over an hour in the bath. For some reason, sitting in the luke warm water soothes my overworked hormones and puts them in check. I get out and climb into bed after putting on some night clothes, and drift off into an exhausted sleep. I wake up at about two in the morning when I hear shuffling noises coming from outside.

Hurrying to my window, I stare down into the darkness of Finn’s back garden. It takes a moment for my sleepy eyes to adjust, and when they do I make out the familiar shapes of the vampires lugging jars into the shed. The exact same jars as the one Rita used to catch the mist she and Delilah found yesterday.

I pull on a long cardigan and make my way downstairs, interested to know what’s going on. I can hear the not so mellifluous orchestra of Finn and Ira’s snoring, so I know they’re both fast asleep in their rooms.

When I open the back door and step out into the garden all eyes dart to me. Vampire eyes are far more intense than those of a human, so even when you’re not looking you can almost feel them on you, sliding across your skin. I pull my cardigan tight around me and walk over to them. Lucas, Dru and Will ignore me and resume stacking the jars in the shed. I meet Ethan’s stare head on. He’s just standing there watching me. I can still feel the heady lust for him, but it’s not as strong as it had been since I’ve sweated so much of it out. It doesn’t take as much energy to keep myself together now, thankfully.

“What’s going on?” I ask, shivering in the chilly night air.

“We continued our search of the city tonight,” Ethan answers, his voice as cold as the air around us. “We found nothing of Theodore, however we did find these things everywhere. Delilah said that she and the witch only saw one today. It seems that night is the time when they come out to…feed, if that’s what you’d call it.”

The lack of emotion in his voice when he speaks to me makes me feel terribly lonely. Perhaps it’s just down to the hour. I’ve always felt more alone in the middle of the night than I do during the day.

I stare inside the shed at the stacks of jars. The dark mists contained within them move frantically, struggling against being captured.

“There are so many,” I whisper, unable to fathom a way of getting rid of them all. Rita can’t even figure out how to kill one.

“This is barely half of what’s out there. Look at the news in the morning, I’m sure there’ll be reports of fights and riots just like the other day. It’s almost as though they’re multiplying. The human population is fracturing. Things are only going to get worse.”

“What can we do?” I whisper.

My heart sinks as I think that this could be it for Tribane. The mists could just keep growing and growing, infecting more and more people until they all go so mad that they end up annihilating one another.

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