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Misbehaving (Sea Breeze #6)(12)
Author: Abbi Glines

I let him dress me since he seemed to be intent on doing it. Once he had my shirt back on, he brushed my ni**les through the fabric. “Damn, these are nice.”

I had always liked my body. My momma had given me the body and looks that I used to my advantage. But right now I was thankful for them for a completely different reason. Jason was attracted to me. He wanted me.

“You ready to fly?” he asked, moving his hands down to my waist again.

I wanted to say yes, but I wasn’t sure. So I shrugged.

Jason leaned forward and pressed a kiss to my mouth. “I’ll distract you if you get nervous.”

The idea of him distracting me made the thought of getting on the plane much more appealing. “Promise?” I asked, looking up at him through my lashes.

Jason chuckled and shook his head. “Don’t flirt with me, Jess. I already want you. Flirting just makes it worse.”

There was a knock on the door, and Jason moved me off his lap before knocking back. He reached for my hand as the door opened. We climbed out, and Jason nodded to Kane before we headed to the jet.

There was a lady standing at the bottom of the steps with her arms behind her back, standing straight. Jason stopped and looked at her. “We won’t be needing you during the flight. I’d like privacy,” he said as he moved me in front of him and I headed up the stairs.

I stopped just inside, and Jason came up behind me and slid his hands around my waist. “Go on in,” he said close to my ear.

I walked inside and took in the place. Black leather sofas lined the inside, and a bar sat at the back. From here I could see it was completely stocked. A massive flat screen covered the wall on the other end. “Have a seat. Get comfortable,” Jason said, taking my hand and pulling me over to sink onto the leather.

“Wow” was all I could think of to say. I knew I needed to say something, but this was beyond what I had expected.

Jason glanced over at the bar and back at me. “You want a drink? One that will calm your nerves?”

That would have been nice, but I also didn’t want to get sick. What if I had motion sickness and didn’t know it? I shook my head and looked outside the tinted windows.

Jason came over and sat down beside me. “Nervous?”

I nodded. “And excited.”

“Good combination,” he replied.

Yes, it was. The door we had entered through closed, and the lady he had spoken to locked it, then looked over at Jason. “The bar is stocked, sir. I’ll be in the cockpit. If you need me, just ring.”

“Thanks,” Jason told her, then leaned back against the seat and stretched his arms across the back.

The lady left the room, closing another door behind her.

“I’m going to be good since this is your first flight. I want you to enjoy it. But the moment you need a distraction, just let me know and we’ll take up where we left off in the limo.”

My stomach fluttered. I loved the way Jason’s hands and mouth felt on me. I tried not to look too anxious and kept my eyes focused on the window. But my body flushed. I didn’t want him to get tired of me too soon. I knew that day was coming, and I wanted to postpone it. Being with Jason made me happy. He didn’t judge me and he made me smile. When he touched me, it was different from how I had been touched before. He wasn’t in a hurry or focused on getting himself off. He took his time as if he enjoyed touching me. Like he wanted to enjoy every second.

The jet began to move and all other thoughts fled. I reached for Jason and grabbed the first thing I could find, which was his leg. I held it tightly. Jason immediately moved closer, and his arm curled around me, but he didn’t do anything more. His closeness helped but my heart was still pounding.

Soon we were speeding down the runway and Jason was holding me close enough that his warm breath tickled my neck. I sank back into him and closed my eyes as we left the ground.

“Breathe,” Jason whispered in my ear, and I realized I was holding my breath.

I sucked in some air and he laughed softly.

“You sure you don’t want that drink?” he asked.

I shook my head and opened my eyes to stare down at the ground, which was getting farther and farther away. When we broke through the clouds, I gasped and squeezed Jason’s arm, which was now wrapped around me.

He nuzzled my neck. “God, you’re too damn sexy to be this cute. It’s supposed to be one or the other, not both.”

Smiling, I leaned back into him and relaxed. No one had ever called me cute before. Why did I like it so much? His hands moved back up and over my br**sts. “I want your shirt off again. It’s all I can think about. Knowing you’re not wearing a bra is messing with my head,” he said as he kissed my neck and the curve of my shoulder.

“Take it off,” I said, sitting up and lifting my arms.

Jason let out a groan and pulled the shirt up, then reached around the front of me and pulled me back against his chest again and continued taking small bites of my neck, then soothing it with a kiss. His large, warm hands held my br**sts, and they felt heavy and needy. I was more than a handful even for his big hands, and I liked it.

“You smell incredible,” he murmured as he kissed my shoulder and ran the tip of his nose against my skin.

I couldn’t keep from trembling.

“Stand up,” he said, leaning back and helping me up on my weak legs. He stood me in front of him and began pulling the zipper on my blue jean skirt down, then tugged at it until it fell to the ground. I stepped out of it and waited on him.

He reached out and ran a finger over the wet spot on my white satin panties. I had made sure to bring my sexiest underwear. These had very little fabric, and I loved the way they felt. Seeing his finger slide over the crotch, which was obviously soaked, made it harder to stand. Especially in the heels I was wearing.

As if he could read my thoughts, he slipped his hands into the sides of the panties and pulled them down slowly. I lifted each foot and he pulled the panties off completely. He stared down at the red heels I was wearing, then lifted his eyes to me. We stood there staring at each other for a long moment before he stood up in front of me and touched my body, gently running his hands down my sides, being sure not to touch me where I wanted him to the most.

When he stopped, I started to protest until I saw him pull his shirt off. Instead I stood there, transfixed by seeing his body in daylight. I was starting to touch the ripples on his hard stomach when his hands fell to his jeans and started unbuttoning them.

He had his jeans undone and hanging on his hips. I realized I was panting with anticipation. Then he stopped and let his gaze slowly caress me from my red heels all the way up until his eyes locked with mine.

“I want to take my time and enjoy every last inch of you, but right now all I can think about is putting you up on that bar over there with your legs thrown over my arms and these red heels still on your pretty feet. Next time I’ll go slower, but I need to f**k you now.”

My knees buckled and I reached out to grab his arms to steady myself. Jason muttered a curse, and in seconds his jeans were off. He picked me up and carried me to the bar, which put me at eye level with him, and sat me down on it. His eyes were smoldering with need, and it only made me more frantic. He lifted one of my legs and ran his hands down it before placing my foot on the edge of the counter, causing me to lean back. He did the same with my other leg, and when he had me laid out and spread open for him, he stood back.

“That’s an image I’ll never forget,” he said as he tore open a condom wrapper and slid it on. “Fuck, Jess. That’s a fantasy I’ve had for a long time,” he said, taking a step toward me as his eyes roamed over my very exposed body. “But no one was ever right. I never wanted them like this.” He sucked in a breath and let it out slowly. “You’re f**king perfect.”

My body heated under his praise, and I wanted to be perfect. For him. That scared me, but I wouldn’t think about it right now. I knew this was temporary, and I wanted to enjoy it while I had it.


I had never wanted to worship anyone’s body. I appreciated them and I enjoyed them, but they were always the same. Jess . . . wasn’t. She was different from every other girl I had been with. I had tried the sweet and innocent type, the wild groupies, and then the girls who were in my circle of friends. They were privileged and spoiled, but I understood them. I knew them. Each kind had been nice. The wild groupies didn’t want anything but sex and attention. The good girls like Amanda were the kind you built a relationship with. Then the others understood my life.

Never had I been with someone as complex as Jess. She was wild and fun. But then there was this insecurity and innocence in her that, mixed with that body every man dreamed of, made her irresistible. I couldn’t seem to calm down enough to take my time with her. I kept wanting inside her again, and f**k me if she wasn’t willing. Her legs propped up on the bar without hesitation was the hottest thing I’d ever seen. And I’d seen a lot.

I wanted to slow this down. I wanted to make her feel special, because I was pretty damn sure after meeting her ex she hadn’t been treated like she deserved. But my need for her was taking over.

Her legs trembled as her tongue came out and swiped her bottom lip. I wasn’t going to be able to stop myself. I slid my arms under her knees and pulled her hips to the edge of the bar. Cupping her ass, I rested my head on her chest and inhaled the sweet smell of her skin. Her br**sts rose and fell quickly with her breathing.

Lifting my head, I looked directly into her eyes as I sank into her. It was so wet and tight my eyes wanted to roll back in my head, but I kept them locked on her. Her lashes fluttered and her head fell back as a moan escaped her. I couldn’t think of anything other than how good this felt.

Then she did something that made her already tight hole even tighter as it clenched around me. I stilled and a wicked smile touched her lips. Then the extra tightness eased up, and I started to move when she pulled it tighter again.

“Jess,” I said, trying to decide if she was doing this on purpose or not. I was going to come way too fast if she kept it up.

“Yes,” she said sweetly, then pumped my dick again. She was doing it on purpose.

“You keep that up and this will be over before you want it to be,” I told her in a strangled whisper.

She lifted her hips and did it again, causing me to tighten every damn muscle in my body to control my need to release. “I wanna make you come this way,” she said, then pulled her plump bottom lip between her teeth.

“I’m real damn close,” I warned her.

She squeezed me again and again quickly. “Then come,” she whispered, her encouragement before starting a relentless pull with her body.

I was past the point of words.

Chapter Twelve


I felt like I was in a movie. Seriously. Just being in New York City after seeing it in movies for so long—it was as if I had stepped into one of those movies. I didn’t want to look like a redneck bumpkin come to the big city, but I couldn’t stop looking at everything through the window of the limo. The buildings were huge and people rushed down the streets just like in Gossip Girl. It was exactly what I’d expected.

“Welcome, Mr. Stone. I’ll have your bags taken to your room,” a man said, greeting us as we stepped out of the limo. Jason nodded and took my hand.

I was too busy watching the people on the street and soaking everything up to pay attention to anything else. I doubted I would ever make it back to New York, and I didn’t want to miss anything. I needed to memorize it all.

“You want to go inside, or would you rather go explore?” Jason’s amused tone made me blush. I was probably embarrassing him, but I decided I wasn’t going to worry about it.

“Can we explore?” I asked, not wanting to look away from everything.

He chuckled. “Of course. Kane will get us checked in. What do you want to see?”

What did I want to see? Everything. Was that possible in one day? I stopped and looked up and down the street as horns blared and a cab driver shouted at another car stopped in front of him. I laughed. It was perfect. “I just want to see everything,” I said honestly.

“That would be impossible, but we’ll do our best to get in as much as we can. I’m getting hungry. What about a busy café crammed full of people?”

I nodded and grinned up at him. “That’s perfect,” I replied.

Jason just smiled and shook his head. Then he reached for my hand. “Come on. I know the perfect place.”

I kept my hand firmly tucked in his as we walked past the people talking on phones or rushing from one place to another. Some had shopping bags and others were hailing cabs. How could I even begin to explain to my momma when I got home how unreal all this was?

“You like pickles?” Jason asked randomly.

I turned to look at him. “Pickles?” I repeated, confused.

“Yeah, pickles. This place has some of the best ones I’ve eaten.”

Oh. I liked pickles. Even if I didn’t, I would try them. I wanted to try it all. “I love pickles.”

Jason opened the door to a small café that was, in fact, packed with people. He pushed through the crowd. “Most of them are waiting for to-go orders,” he explained.

We walked toward a long table, where it looked like other people were sitting. The last two seats beside the wall were open. “Go on inside,” he said.

I frowned and looked at the other people at the table. They weren’t paying us any attention. “What about them?” I asked, confused.

Jason grinned. “They aren’t using those seats.”

“You share tables here?”

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