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Misbehaving (Sea Breeze #6)(15)
Author: Abbi Glines

That was what she thought? Shit. Of course it was. The insecurity that she was so damn good at hiding was still there. She had been used so many times in her life that she expected it. I had only wanted to spend some time with her and treat her differently. But in the end I had treated her the way she expected.

I grabbed her drink and set it on a tray as it went by, then led her to the door. I’d call later and apologize for leaving. Right now I was getting Jess out of here so we could talk.

“Where are we going?” she asked as I pulled her out the door and toward the elevator.

“We’re leaving,” I replied.


“Because I need to get you alone so I can explain to you how very wrong you are.”

She stiffened beside me. “If that means sex, we aren’t doing that anymore.”

I started to say something, when the elevator opened and I watched her ass as she walked inside. Just imagining it bare under that silky material was driving me f**king crazy.

When the elevator doors closed, I backed her up against the wall and pressed against her so she could feel just how turned on she made me. “No panties, Jess. No f**king panties. Don’t tell me we aren’t having sex anymore.”

She opened her mouth, but the elevator door opened and I reached for her hand and pulled her outside. I had forgotten to buzz the driver. I texted him and then pulled Jess over to a dark corner of the lobby.

“I didn’t bring you here to make anyone jealous. I brought you here because I like spending time with you,” I told her.

She bit her bottom lip and I watched, transfixed, as she let it free. “But you want distance now,” she said, breathing hard.

“This can’t happen. Us. It won’t work. I don’t have time. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want you,” I told her, sliding my hand down her hip until I finally touched the silk-covered bare ass of hers. “Fuck,” I whispered.

“Don’t. Please. If we can’t . . . If this is over when we get home, then don’t.” Her chest was rising and falling so rapidly I was positive she was about to pop free of that dress. If she could just wait until we were in the limo, I would make sure to give those sweet ni**les all the attention they needed.

“But I want you. So damn bad,” I whispered before lowering my head and pulling her lip into my mouth and sucking on it. Women paid thousands to have lips this full and plump. I couldn’t get enough of them.

She kissed me back, pressing closer, and I felt my chest ease up. She was giving in.

“Your car is here, Mr. Stone,” a voice said behind me. Jess backed away immediately. I tucked her hand in the crook of my arm and led her out to the waiting limo. After the door closed, I reached for her again and she moved away, shaking her head.

“No. Don’t. I can’t do this,” she said. “It’s just sex for you, but I’m afraid it became more for me. I didn’t want to admit it, but after tonight I have to face it. I . . . This is going to hurt. You’re leaving. It’s going to hurt. I can’t make it worse. So don’t. Just, please, I need to go home.”

Chapter Fourteen


The flight home had been lonely. I had tried to close my eyes and sleep, but my heart hurt too much. I hadn’t even told Momma I was on my way home early. But by the time Kane had retrieved my bag from the limo and handed it to me, the front porch light had come on and the door opened.

I thanked Kane and walked away without looking back. I didn’t want to watch the car pull out of my driveway. Even though Jason wasn’t in it, I still felt like it was him leaving.

Momma stood at the door with her arms crossed over her chest, watching me. She was trying to figure it out. When my feet touched the bottom step, the first tear fell.

“Oh, baby,” she said, rushing to meet me and pull me into her arms. “I was afraid of this.” I let her lead me inside and to the sofa, where she held me close, patting my head like a child.

I needed the comfort. I had walked right into this, and I didn’t regret the memories, but I knew I wasn’t ever going to be the same.

“I know this hurts. But remember, he will never forget letting you go. It will be one of his biggest regrets,” she said against my head.

I wanted to smile, because leave it to my momma to believe a rock star’s privileged brother would regret letting me, of all people, go. A mother’s love really was unconditional. “He was kind,” I told her. I didn’t want her to think I was crying because he had been cruel.

“I know. I saw it in his eyes when he came to get you. That’s how I know he’ll regret this.”

I held on to her arms and let all the pain go. She let me cry and didn’t say anything else. My chest felt like it had exploded, but the smell of her soap and perfume was comforting. Finally I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep.

* * *

I didn’t leave my house for over a week. I worked on costumes for the club and sat in my room for hours, staring at the walls and remembering. It was ten days after I said good-bye to Jason that my bedroom door swung open and in sauntered Krit. He was the lead singer of the local band, Jackdown. He was also Trish’s little brother. We had grown up together. Trish and my cousin Rock had dated for most of our lives. Then they’d gotten married. Krit was the epitome of a man whore, but he was hard not to love.

“I f**king refuse to sing tonight if you’re not there. Won’t do it. Those motherfuckers can get their rocks off somewhere else. I’m sick of looking for your angel face and not seeing it,” he said as he plopped down on my bed and stretched his legs out in front of him, then put his hands behind his head. “Place is pointless without your sexy ass out there dancing. I don’t have you to make the girls jealous. Who the hell am I supposed to kiss like I’m f**king to drive the women mad if you aren’t there to grab? You’re screwing up my game, love.”

I couldn’t help but smile. I turned my head to look at Krit, who was now lying down beside me. “Did Rock send you?” I asked.

Krit made a mock face of horror. “Rock? Hell no, Rock didn’t send me. When the f**king hell do I do anything Rock tells me to? Never. That’s when. I came because I missed you. I need my tongue-fuck buddy. Come dance and give Green a hard-on. He misses getting one while we’re onstage. You always did it for him. Although, that tongue of yours must remain mine. Besides, Green would come in his damn jeans like a schoolboy if you planted one on him.”

Green was the bass player in Jackdown. Krit loved to harass Green about the one time he and I had gone out in high school when I had broken up with Hank. Green had told me he loved me after one date, and once Krit found out about it, Green never heard the end of it.

“You don’t need me to get women. They throw themselves, their panties, their bras, and anything else they can take off their body legally at you every night,” I reminded him, as if he needed reminding.

“I miss you, though.”

“How much are you getting paid to do this?” I asked teasingly.

“I was hoping to settle up payment with you. A hot f**k in the back room while I’m on break tonight. That always makes me sing better before the next set. Or hell, baby, we can do it here. I’m game,” he replied.

I laughed this time. I knew Rock was behind Krit’s showing up. There was no way Krit had noticed I was missing. He was just trying to make me laugh, and it was working.

“If I stripped naked and crawled on top of you right now, you wouldn’t f**k me, and we both know it, It never ends well for us. We’ve been there, done that,” I told him. We had tried that out when we were younger. It wasn’t that it was bad, because it was actually really good. We were just both so unstable that we couldn’t deal with a relationship. We were just good at the sex part. Then there was my inability back then to get over Hank.

Krit let out a hard laugh. “You wanna bet? Try me.”

Well, maybe he would. The guy was a sex fanatic.

“Come on, don’t tease me. Get naked and crawl on top, love.”

I punched his arm and he groaned, then gave me an evil laugh. “If you’re not gonna f**k me, at least come tonight.”

Going to Live Bay with everyone there watching me and wondering about what had happened didn’t sound appealing. I wasn’t in the mood for guys, either. I didn’t want to dance with any or have any of them grope me.

“I’m not in the mood for guys,” I told him.

Krit shot up in bed and looked down at me. “Holy hell, love. Are you saying you want a woman? ’Cause I’ll pay shitloads of money to see you with another woman. Fucking cut off my left nut to watch that.”

I shoved him and grimaced, causing him to laugh. “You’re so ridiculous. Of course not. That isn’t what I mean. I just don’t want the flirting and touching and all that.”

Krit lay back down beside me. “I’ll stake a claim to you tonight, and you’ll be safe. Just let me do my thing and everyone will know you’re taken. That way you can relax and enjoy the night.”

I glanced over at him. “What about your hookup for the night? Acting like you’re with me will screw that up for you,” I reminded him.

He reached over and tickled my stomach. “Let me at this body and you can make it all up to me.”

“Krit,” I said, throwing his hand off me. “Stop it.”

Krit tucked his hand back behind his head. “Fine. I get it. No touching. But tonight I’ll lay one on you and probably grab your ass at least twice so people can see. It’s the only way to show everyone you’re taken.”

He had used me more than once to get the attention of other girls before. I had used him to piss off Hank. It was a mutual-benefits thing. “If I do this, will you leave?” I asked.

He laid his hand over his heart. “I’m hurt. You want to get rid of me?”

“I don’t know how long you can lie in bed with a female before making a move. Don’t want to push my luck,” I told him.

He turned his head and winked at me. “Love, if I thought there was any way I could convince you to let me in those shorts of yours, I would already have my head between your legs.”

He had no filter on his mouth. I shook my head and shoved him off my bed. “Go on. I’ll see you tonight.”

Krit stood up. His shirt had ridden up, and the tattoos that covered his chest peeked at me. His arms were also covered, and so was his back. He pulled his shirt up and stuck his pierced tongue out at me and wiggled it suggestively. “You want some, love, you don’t have to stare. Just ask.”

I rolled my eyes and he grinned. He had the same startling blue eyes as Trisha, and his hair was just as white-blond, but he wore it short and sticking straight up all over most of the time. Both his ears were covered in piercings, and his eyebrow was pierced too—and, according to talk from the females, his penis. But that was new. Back when I had been with him, his penis was metal free.

“Bye, Krit,” I said.

He puckered up and blew me a kiss. “Tonight.”

When he was walking out the door, I realized that he was the first person to actually try to help get me out of this funk.

“Krit,” I called out, and he stopped and turned around.

“Yeah, love?”

“Thanks,” I said.

His expression became serious, and that was a rare thing. He usually either had a naughty gleam in his eyes or a wicked smile. “That dickhead is a fool,” he said, then turned and walked out of the room.

I fought back the urge to defend Jason. He wasn’t the bad guy. He had been honest the whole time. I had known it was a short fling. My being a girl and caring too much was what had screwed things up.

Chapter Fifteen

Three months later . . .


It was finally Friday night. I needed a break. Between my classes and working every day, I liked to remember I was young and could have a good time. I loved my new job and my classes weren’t bad, but they took up my entire day Monday through Friday. If the shop was busy, I had to bring things home to work on them in the evenings.

I still couldn’t get over the fact that Mrs. Dillard had hired me to work as a seamstress in her store. Not that I wasn’t good enough, because I was, but because Mrs. Dillard’s husband was a Baptist minister and I was a stripper’s daughter. She didn’t seem to care, though.

I was making more money working for her than I would waiting tables or at a bar. She had sent the dance studio to me when they needed help with costumes, and I had been hired to design them after they saw some of my ideas. After they hired me, I got a call from the dance studio in the next town over, asking me to design for them, too. I kept pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I knew that after this year at school it was very unlikely I could go to a four-year college. Junior college was all I could afford. All my momma could afford. But I was beginning to wonder if I could make a career out of this.

I parked my truck outside the back entrance to Live Bay. Jackdown was playing tonight, and it would be crawling with the college crowd soon. I stepped out of the truck just as the back door swung open and Krit came out, headed straight for me. I hadn’t seen him in two days. Not from his lack of trying, though.

“About f**king time,” he said before he grabbed me and pulled me into his arms. I laughed against his mouth and felt him smile in return. The cool metal from his tongue ring slid past my lips and entered my mouth. The mix of cigarettes and tequila hit my tongue. It was Krit’s signature taste on nights he played.

Before he could get too carried away, I pulled away and pressed one more kiss to his lips so he wouldn’t pout. “I had a test,” I reminded him. He hadn’t been very patient with my studies so far this semester.

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