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Savage Chains: Scarred (Men in Chains #1.6)(14)
Author: Caris Roane

The pleasure was so sharp, so intense, that she dug her nails into his back, which for some reason made him suck harder.

He slowed his h*ps but kept pushing into her. His control stunned and amazed her.

This feels so good. You’ll make me come again if you keep this up.

Then, just like before, he thrust in quick sensual jabs and she rushed over the edge once more, crying out repeatedly. If he hadn’t kept her upper body pinned, she would have thrashed just for the pleasure of it.


Reyes took fire down his throat, one of the most basic elements of life, of civilization, whether human or vampire. He took her essence, all that she was, and drank it in. He felt more vampire in this moment than ever before, as though something about the human, about Angelica, drove him back to his roots and helped him to know himself, all that he was.

He couldn’t get enough. His hunger for her knew no bounds. Feeding for him had always been perfunctory, a necessary part of the process, but not something to be savored. He’d fed from Sweet Dove, but only when she allowed and only as part of her pleasuring process.

When she wasn’t in the mood she’d throw him a half-dead slave from whom taking blood had been a difficult, soul-stripping process.

Now there was Angelica, her soft flesh, the sweetness of her blood, and the adoring way she caressed him. He’d never had an experience like this in his long-lived life. He hardly knew what to do or to think, except to continue enjoying her.

When he had his fill and released the serum into her blood that would replenish her supply swiftly he drew back and lifted up so that he could look at her.

He loved the euphoric expression on her face as he continued to push inside her, moving toward yet another orgasm. He had many techniques that could give her pleasure, and he rotated his h*ps so that his c**k swirled within her, rubbing the sensitive areas just inside her well.

She panted lightly. “Reyes, my God!”

“I want you to come with me.”


He held her gaze, watching pleasure float over her face, moving in a lift of the brows, a curve of the lips, then a faint almost painful grimace and back. Her breathing was beautifully erratic.

He started moving faster, thrusting into her in a long, steady drive.

“Yes,” she whispered, still meeting his gaze.

Her lips were swollen with need and she looked ready to fly apart once more. He loved doing this to her.

“So close.”

“Come with me. Now, Angelica. Come now.” He leaned down and kissed her once, then drew back to watch the magic.

Her body arched. “Yes. Yes. I’m coming.”

He sped up, a burst of speed that opened her mouth, and she screamed, a sound that caused him to erupt. Pleasure streaked and he roared as each pump of his seed left his body.

She held on to his shoulders, panting once more. Then suddenly she arched and screamed again. Her body held him tight down low, squeezing the last ounce of pleasure from him.

Rocking into her, he groaned heavily with the last few pulses of his cock.

Her abdomen fluttered. “Reyes. What you do to me.”

He felt the same way as his h*ps settled down. He stared into her passion-drenched eyes, glinting in the dark, his vision warming her features. He smoothed her hair and kissed her again and again.

She kissed him back, her legs and body lax, her breathing slowly returning to normal. She slid her hands up and down his arms.

He remained connected to her for a long time, just looking at her, trying to understand how this miraculous thing had happened. For the first time in his life, he’d truly made love to a woman. He hadn’t just sexed her up, using her for relief, but he’d made love to her.

He realized he cherished Angelica, that she’d become valuable in his eyes, a woman he could trust.

How different his previous experience with Sweet Dove had been. Nothing about her spoke of trust, of anything good. She was narcissistic and vain and was somehow connected to the most powerful man in the Starlin Group.

“Hey.” Angelica’s voice called him out of his reveries.

“What is it?” Reyes asked.

“You left me there. Your eyes glazed over and your lips turned down.”

He huffed a sigh as once more he focused on her. “Sorry.”

“No need to apologize. We experienced a wonderful distraction just now, but our situation will call on each of us quickly. Besides, I should apologize as well. I was looking at you; then suddenly all I could think about was what it would be like to finally meet Scorpion.”

“And that’s something we’ll both do tomorrow night.”

But Angelica frowned. “Reyes, don’t you think it’s odd that Scorpion intends to reveal himself to you when not even Engles knows who he is? And you were only recently made a member of his organization.”

“I admit I’m uneasy, although he’s already said he’s been watching me for years. But worrying about any of it right now won’t help. We’ll know the truth soon enough.”


The following evening Reyes dressed as a Roman gladiator and looked incredibly sexy. He frowned as he adjusted the metal brass armor over his chest.

Angelica knew that he’d had it made up weeks ago in anticipation of the Starlin event and that the brass works had taken a mold of his chest. She had a hard time keeping her hands off it, because even the ni**les looked exactly like his.

“If you keep touching my chest armor with that kind of gleam in your eye, I’m not sure I’ll be able to answer for what happens next.”

She took a step back, lifting her hands playfully. “Don’t you dare disturb either my costume or this hair.” She patted the rolls at the back of her head carefully. “Your housekeeper spent hours getting me to look this way.”

He wrinkled his nose. “And she probably used an entire bottle of hair spray.”

Angelica laughed. “I believe she did.”

His expression softened. “You look beautiful.”

She wore a long white gown in the Roman style, though it was split in the front to the crotch and in the back all the way to the waist so that again, as usual, her bottom would be on display. Despite these flaws, it was far better than any of the other fantasy outfits she’d had to wear and no doubt a hundred times more modest than what most of the slaves would not-be-wearing at the masked ball.

She turned sideways to expose the full-length cutout of the soft white linen fabric. Only one strip of fabric three inches in width held the front of the gown to the back on each side. “At least I’m mostly covered.”

His eyes fell to half-mast as he drew close and settled his hand on her waist. “Works for me.”

She reached up and kissed him, intending it to be a quick touch of her lips to his. But he turned into her and surrounded her with his arms, his breastplate hard against her chest. When she parted her lips he deepened the kiss, which made her sigh and lean against him.

The more she was with Reyes, the more she wanted to do exactly this, to be close to him, to kiss him, to make love.

But it would hardly serve to extend the moment. Reluctantly, she drew back and addressed something very specific. “I know that the Starlin Festival lasts at least three weeks. But I thought it culminated in a masked ball. Is that still true? Will there be another one?”

“Yes. The final event is all in black and white and takes place at a location called the Crystal Cavern, another well-disguised Starlin location. But I’ll tell you flat out we won’t be going to that one. It’s a full-on orgy, with lots of ‘sharing.’ ”

She shuddered slightly. “Let’s definitely find an excuse not to attend.”

His gaze slid down the side of her gown from her waist to her h*ps and all the way to her ankles. “I like that you’re covered as well, but all I want to do is to slide my hands beneath the fabric to feel what I can’t see.”

She stared up at him, enjoying this so much, that he was comfortable with her. “If we weren’t leaving in a few minutes …”

“I know. I’d have you back in bed so fast.”

“You know I’m a little sore, right, in a good way I mean?” She smiled.

He growled softly. “As you should be, since I spent so much time inside you before we fell asleep.”

“I didn’t know a man could do half the things you can do.”

He leaned close and nuzzled her ear, whispering, “And there’s more to come. I never told you this, but I can split into two beings.”

She drew back and met his gaze. “What do you mean?”

“Some vampires, with sufficient power, especially those with Ancestral markers, have the ability to become two people at the same time.”

“You mean … two of you?” Her chain vibrated at her neck so that she felt his growing desire.

He nodded. “Yes.”

Angelica’s cheeks grew warm, but not with embarrassment. The thought of having two of Reyes tending to her made her short of breath. “Sort of like a threesome.”

He nodded slowly.

Her body stalled out, so that she wasn’t even sure she could feel her feet. If she understood him, when they made love at any given time she would have two pairs of hands on her instead of just one. The thought was so intoxicating that she weaved on her feet.

He caught her arm, steadying her. “Hey, are you all right?”

“Oh, sure. Just had a couple of images of you that tripped my brain.”

At that he took her in his arms again. “And what were you thinking? Tell me.”

“All four hands on me, my br**sts, my abdomen, my bu**ocks.”

This time he listed and she had to keep him upright.

“Maybe we should go.”

He drew back and forced himself to focus. “Yes, that’s what we should do.” After a couple of deep breaths, he added, “Time to put on your mask.”

From the nearby table she picked up one of the smallest masks she’d ever seen, pure black and built more like a pair of glasses without the lenses. They slid into place and into her hair without disturbing the coiffure that Mathilde had so painstakingly created for her.

He donned his at the same, a similar small pair with a gold coloring that matched his chest armor.

After stepping onto his foot and with his arm holding her tight, he flew her slowly, protecting her vulnerable human physiology.

You’ll enjoy the resort where the ball is being held. It’s on the Mediterranean in a massive hidden cavern open to the sea.

Sounds beautiful.

It is, especially at night.

Does that mean you’ve seen it during the day?

Of course. With altered flight I can go anywhere in the sunlight and not be affected. I’m only in danger when I touch down.

They passed through more stone that felt like soft fingers grazing her skin. Once breaking through to the cavern, Reyes slowed down even more, which gave her a tremendous view of the scope of the resort. A cave shelf that stood at least a hundred feet high overhung the sea by at least fifty yards. A beach of light-colored sand met a bank of rocks, and several sets of stairs, carved into the seawall, led thirty feet to the main resort area. The coastline, beneath the shelf, curved, and all sorts of dwellings, including a massive hotel, held beachfront locations.

She glanced behind her and watched as more and more vampires flew in, many with their slaves in nothing but chains and feathered masks. Each couple landed in the same area or continued, as Reyes did, to levitate slowly through the air.

Does this entire place belong to Starlin?

Yes. Impressive, isn’t it?

I’m stunned.

My original plan was to purchase a home here as soon as I became a member. It would be another way to get close to the movers and shakers.

I keep forgetting that you’re wealthy. She glanced at him and saw that his lips curved. And I like that about you very much. You’ve been chased, she sent.


She chuckled. But never brought down.

He drew off to the side to make sure he didn’t block incoming traffic. Holding her gaze while he hovered and kept her tight against him, he created a disguising shield. Not until now.

Her brows rose. But I haven’t been hunting you.

At that he smiled fully, something rare for him. I seem to recall a certain red dress …

She planted a hand on his cool breastplate. That was not hunting, Reyes. I only wanted a chance to be with you.

In your bed.

Yes, there’s no sense pretending anymore. I wanted to jump you.

His turn to laugh. He seemed so relaxed, something he hadn’t been, even though they were going to meet Scorpion at some point during the party.

When Reyes removed the disguise he reminded her to adopt her servile attitude once more, then put them back in motion. She kept her head bowed but let her gaze drift over the sea on her right, then to the homes on her left, all staggered up the sloped incline toward the cave shelf and finally to the hotel with the entrance at the walkway level.

As at the underground cavern, what surprised her was all the plants, like this was any ordinary beach community with window boxes full of trailing vines, flowers, and even small shrubs. A few of the larger homes had small patches of lawns and large trees.

Another community that made use of grow lights.

Your civilization never ceases to surprise me.

There’s a lot to value in what we’ve achieved, but we’ve got a long way to go.

He levitated to The Starlin Hotel, touched down outside, then took her leash in hand. I really hate this.

Small price to pay, Reyes.

You’re right, but you’re the one who has to pay it.

She stopped in her tracks and glanced at him. She didn’t have her head down, which she could tell made him nervous. You’re wrong about that.

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