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Tall, Dark & Heartless (Pyte/Sentinel #3)(10)
Author: R.L. Mathewson

"You gave up the right to tell me what to do when you turned your back on me," she pointed out, glad that she didn't sound as bitter as she felt about that.

He'd been her world, her friend, her mentor, her everything and then he wasn't. The way he dropped her out of his life left her hurt, confused, lost and so damn lonely that for the first few months she wasn't even able to be in the same room with him without feeling like she was going to cry. It was a weakness that she forced herself to get over.

"Is that what this was all about?" he demanded harshly, never ceasing his damn pacing.

"What?" she asked, fighting exhaustion even as it threatened to take her under again.

"Allowing that bastard to get close to you, trusting him," he practically sneered. "You did it to spite me because I tired of you?"

"Yeah, it's really all about you," she said dryly to cover the pain his words caused. Guessing and knowing that he'd gotten sick of her were two very different things and having it confirmed was a blow she hadn't been ready for.

He glared at her and she thought he was going yell again, but after a moment he looked away from her as if the sight of her disgusted him and she was more than fine with that. She didn't want him seeing her weak like this, and she sure as hell didn't want him to know just how much his desertion had hurt her.

Her eyes began to flutter shut when the door opened. She watched Caine drop into a crouching position in front of her. She wasn't sure what the hell that was about and wasn't going to allow herself to think that it meant anything. It didn't. If anything it was just leftover sentimentality for the little girl she once was. She also knew that once they threatened his blood supply that she was on her own, once again.

A low growl vibrated throughout the room as the door opened. Her entire body tensed and she hated herself in that moment for reacting. The last thing she wanted to do was to give Greg any kind of response. Something told her that if she did, the sick bastard would up his game and her situation would get a hell of a lot worse.

When a tall, lean man with golden blonde hair combed back in a style that befitted a CEO stepped inside of the room she felt herself relax, somewhat. For all she knew this man was worse than Greg, but he didn't have that personal vendetta against her that Greg seemed to have, so for the moment she decided she wasn't going to panic.

The man stopped just inside of the room. He threw the tank filled with pink water and the floating arm a look of disgust before he looked between Caine and her with curiosity.

"If you have a moment, I would like to speak with both of you."

Chapter 9

Boston Compound

Boston, MA

"Again," he said as the two-hundred and fifty pound Sentinel, that could have easily been a linebacker had he been born human, glared at him as he dragged himself back to his feet. "This time guard your left, Cupcake."

"I am guarding my left!" the Sentinel snapped as he wiped the blood dripping down his chin with the back of his hand.

"No, you're not," Ephraim said quietly from the sidelines, not even bothering to look up from the intense game of peek-a-boo he was playing with his granddaughter. His precious baby girl of course backed her father up with several excited little coos.

"How the f**k would you know?" the Sentinel demanded. "You're not even watching!"

With an annoyed sigh, Chris dropped down and swept his foot out, knocking the big cry baby down on his ass. He jumped back up to his feet before the Sentinel's back hit the sparring mat.

"Don't swear in front of my precious baby girl," Chris simply said when the large man glared up at him.

The man opened his mouth to probably bitch some more about Chris' rules, but smartly kept his mouth shut. Since he took over as the compound and Sentinel's regional trainer a month and a half ago, everyone had learned quickly that his rules were simple and not to be f**ked with.

If his precious baby girl, Jessica, was in the room there was no swearing allowed, ever. When someone broke that rule he knocked them down and if they didn't learn that rule quickly, he gave them a lesson in fighting that they would never forget. When it came to his daughter, mate and family Chris didn't play around.

"Get up and let's do this again," Chris said, gesturing for the man to get up again

"I've been doing this for over a hundred years," the man bit out as he stood up. "I don't need these training sessions."

With a bored sigh, Chris backhanded him, sending him flying across the room. The man landed hard on the mat, twenty feet away with a loud whoosh.

"Clearly you do," Chris said, not even bothering to tell the man to get up since it looked like he was seconds from passing out.

That was one of the toughest aspects of his job, re-training men and women who had been doing this job for a lot longer than he had. The problem was that they took their natural abilities and the fact that they'd survived the job for this long for granted. Not all of them did. A lot of them trained just as hard as he did. He enjoyed sparing with them, learning new tricks and methods of fighting as well, but some of the Sentinels, like the one currently whimpering on the mat, didn't train nearly hard enough. They firmly believed the training they received back in their day was good enough.

It wasn't.

With the war currently making everyone's life a living hell, they needed to get their asses in gear as quickly as possible. The war had been going on for almost eight months now and it didn't look like it was going to end anytime soon. They needed to get their shit together and end this soon before they suffered any more casualties or the damn humans got a clue about the real world surrounding them.

The war originally started when the Masters, vampire leaders, united with one goal in mind; find Isabella McGuire and get their hands on her computer program Tattletale. Unfortunately for the Masters they hadn't known that Isabella was a Sentinel and his destined mate.

Sentinels were the natural defense against vampires, demons and shifters. Every ten years, ten Sentinels, five males and five females were born on November 25th to human and Sentinel females. For a Sentinel to be born to a human, the mother had to be carrying twins so that the entwined souls of the Sentinel could move undetected with the soul of the human sibling. Most of the human twins died during the birth, because they were unable to handle the changes that occurred in the womb when the half-human and half-angel soul combined to create a Sentinel. Every destined Sentinel pair shared a human and an angel soul.

Izzy, his little Munchkin, owned the other halves of his souls and his heart. She was the love of his life and the person who made him whole and happy. Before her he'd lived a barely there existence, only living for his family. She'd saved him in more ways than one and gave him the greatest treasure in the world, his precious baby girl.

He'd do anything for his family and it killed him that they were stuck here in Boston, where his Munchkin couldn't step so much as a foot out of the compound out of fear that a minion, demon, shifter or a vampire might spot her and realize that she wasn't really dead. About a week after his sneaky little stubborn Munchkin wiggled her way into taking a job at the compound to save her beautiful little ass from being shipped off to a Sentinel island where she would have lived a safe, yet secluded life, they faked her death. Not every Master bought it, but enough of them did, so it took some pressure off of everyone.

The attacks on humans and the searches for Izzy came to an abrupt halt, but unfortunately that didn't stop the war. Demons, shifters, and Masters decided it was time for an uprising. Packs all over the world were attacking each other as well as demons and vampire nests. Pack members were trying to take down their Alphas. Masters were feuding more so than usual and demons were coming in from behind and trying to make a power play while everyone else was distracted.

If they kept their damn squabbling amongst themselves it would be fine, but they weren't. They were attacking the Sentinels and some of them were uniting for the first time in centuries, to get the job done. Worse, the humans were getting caught in the middle. If they didn't end this shit soon, the humans were going to start questioning a lot of shit they never should have seen.

He wished the war was his only problem, but it wasn't. About three months ago his younger brother Joshua had been shot while protecting their little brother, Marc. By jumping in front of him, Joshua had also saved the life of a rogue Alpha as well as Marc's life. Kale, the shifter they couldn't seem to get rid of now, who came and went from the compound as he pleased and spent way too much time with his little Munchkin, gave Joshua blood and shoved him and Marc into a tunnel before a group of demons, intent on getting their hands on little Marc, could stop him.

Ephraim heard Marc's screams for help and found Joshua on the verge of dying and did something he still beat himself up for today, he gave Joshua his blood. It normally wouldn't have been a problem, but his father hadn't known that Joshua already ingested shifter blood. If Ephraim had been a vampire, Joshua would have died the instant the blood mixed with the shifter's blood, but he wasn't.

His father was a Pyte, a true immortal born of a vampire father who was incapable of dying. As a Pyte his blood was potent enough to only change one person into a Pyte and he'd used that turn on Madison, his wife and Chris' best friend. Joshua would have turned into a slightly stronger vampire, but thanks to the mixture of the blood his brother was......

Hell, they had no idea what the hell Joshua was now besides bitter and quiet. He drank blood, but he could also eat food and digest it, something his father couldn't do. He could tolerate light, which he wouldn't have been able to do with only his father's blood. During the full moon he became agitated, but didn't shift and he had fangs. The damn things were slightly longer than human canines most of the time, but when he got hungry or agitated the damn things came out.

They didn't know what the hell they should do with him, but it was clear that he couldn't be allowed to leave the cell he currently occupied in the fourth sublevel of the compound. As long as no one came near him, he was calm. He'd sit on his cot quietly, but if anyone tried to come into the cell he went insane.

If they couldn't figure out what the hell to do with him soon he'd have no choice but to chain his brother and drag his ass out of here and find a way to keep him locked up at their new estate in upper New York. If his wife, and daughter as well as Madison, his little brother and the twins Madison was due to deliver soon didn't need to get the hell out of here so they could actually leave their home without worry he'd stay. He loved working at the compound and he loved his job as a trainer, but their needs were more important than his and he wanted them happy and safe.

His precious baby girl's cries thankfully broke through his rather depressing thoughts. He watched as his father stood up, cradling Jessica against his chest as he tried to soothe her.

"I think it's time for lunch," Ephraim said, chuckling softly. As relieved as he was to see his father smile, he knew it wouldn't last. The moment Ephraim was alone or they were on patrol, he'd go back to beating himself up for what happened to Joshua. It killed him to see his father in pain and he did his best to distract him, but there was only so much he could do. Hell, they needed to figure out how to deal with Joshua or he would never be able to forgive himself.

"Medic?" the Sentinel croaked weakly from the mat, making Chris and Ephraim roll their eyes. What a pu**y.

Chris was reaching for his precious baby girl when his Sentinel phone chimed. With a sigh he pressed a little kiss to her rosy cheek and pulled out his new phone, a smart phone which Izzy demanded everyone switch over to even though most of them didn't have a clue how to use them. He was still learning how to use the damn thing. Thankfully the basics were pretty much the same. He pressed his thumb in the middle of the large screen and didn't have to wait long before the phone's screen unlocked with a message from his little Munchkin.

Need you now.

Even though common sense was arguing that she wasn't demanding sex because she wouldn't send that message via the Sentinel network, his mind still went there. It had been way too long since he slid between his little Munchkin's legs.

His father tried to hide his chuckle behind a cough, no doubt he could smell the lust pouring off of him, but he didn't care. He needed his Munchkin and as soon as he got his precious baby girl down for a nap and handled Izzy's needs, she was going to handle his.

"Why don't I take Jessica and feed her?" his father suggested and he could have kissed the man.

"She gets tired after her afternoon bottle," he reminded his father.

"I know the drill. Four scoops of formula," he'd rather give his baby girl breast milk, but since Izzy was pregnant again she couldn't breast feed much to his dismay, "warm it, rub her back, walk around with her and make sure she has her pink princess blanket or she won't go to sleep," his father said, pressing kisses to Jessica's nose, making his little girl giggle.

"Thanks, Dad. I owe you one," he said, giving his little girl another kiss before heading out the door.

"I plan on collecting when your brothers are born so Madison can get some sleep," Ephraim called after him. Since he'd already planned on doing that, he nodded as he headed out of the training room.

Five minutes later he opened the door to the IT suite and strolled inside. He ignored the men and women who were busy typing away at computer terminals and the few having heated discussions about which Star Trek was the best. Thankfully they ignored him as well. They'd only tried to pull him into one of their sad little discussions once and that's all it took for them to realize they should never come between him and his mate.

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