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Wolf's Fall (Alpha Pack #6)(11)
Author: J.D. Tyler

He sucked in a shallow breath. “Silver?”

“Maybe. You’re not healing like you should.” Hammer laid a meaty palm on his shoulder. “We’re close to the compound. Hang on, buddy.”

That look on his friend’s face, in his eyes. Nick knew in that moment he was in real trouble. This was a mortal injury, even for a born wolf. And Zander was still restricted from performing a healing of this magnitude.

“Calla,” he managed.

“Tarron’s sister? What about her?”


Hammer frowned. “I don’t understand.”

“Calla’s mine,” he wheezed. “She’ll come.”

“Shit! Got it.” Hammer squeezed his shoulder. “We’ll get her there.”

“I don’t have her number, but I’m calling Tarron now,” Jax said.

Vaguely, Nick heard Jax shouting into his cell phone. He wondered what the vampire would make of his sister being summoned to save a wolf. And not just any wolf—her mate. Then he decided he didn’t give two shits.

Calla was coming, and that was all that mattered. Could be he wasn’t ready to give up, after all.

The copter started its descent just as his lungs gave up the ghost. Thrashing, he fought to take in air that would no longer come. His vision darkened, and regret consumed him.

Not yet. Can’t give up.

Then he knew nothing more.

* * *


Tarron’s bellow thundered down the rocky corridor outside her room, and Calla jumped. The book she was reading tumbled from her hands and thunked to the floor, making her lose her place. Irritated, she crossed to the door and flung it open.

“Can you ever simply knock and say my name in a normal tone instead of shouting the mountain down over our heads?” She rested a hand on her hip and glared at him as he came to a stop at the door to her chambers.

Her annoyance went unnoticed and he appeared to be in a hurry. “I just got a call from Jax Law. He said the Alpha Pack was out on a mission and Nick was shot by hunters during the gun battle.”

She gasped, holding on to the doorframe for support. “Oh, gods. How is he?”

“Not good. Jax said the bullet must be silver or something, because he’s not healing. He wants you to come, says you’re the only one who can help him. They’re rushing back to the compound by helicopter as we speak.”

“Of course! Let’s go.” She grabbed for his hand, but he held back.

“Wait a second. Why you when I could help him just as easily?” he demanded. “What’s going on, sis?”

“I’ll explain later. There isn’t time right now.”

“I’m not going to like this, am I?” His expression was grim.

“Later,” she stressed.

“Fine, but I expect some answers soon.”

At least her brother cared, as Nick had pointed out. That was damned hard to remember when he stuck his nose into every aspect of her life. Without waiting for Tarron, she transported herself to the Pack’s compound, landing on the lawn again. Since she’d never been inside and didn’t know the layout, it seemed the safest bet.

As Tarron appeared beside her, she looked around for anyone who might escort her to where she needed to go. She spotted Selene waving frantically from the back door and took off. As she stopped in front of Selene, she grabbed the woman’s hand, heart thumping.

“Are they here yet?”

Selene’s face was pinched, eyes red. “No, but they’re only minutes out. Come on—we’ll meet them at the new building. The hospital there has newer equipment and a much better setup than what we were using in the compound. That has to help Dad, right?”

“I’m sure it will,” she said, hoping it was true.

But the reality was, Nick’s team wouldn’t have called in Calla if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. If you’re a paranormal being and you need a vampire to save your life, you’re in serious trouble.

She and Tarron followed Nick’s daughter to the new building she’d spoken of. Etched into the stonework itself was the word SANCTUARY. As they pushed through the glass doors and walked inside, she thought the name was fitting. Warm and inviting, this did indeed look like a place dedicated to helping others find peace.

There was no time to appreciate their surroundings or the important work being done there, however. They got on an elevator and rode it to the hospital floor at the top, then got off. A team of doctors and nurses was waiting for the helicopter’s arrival, and none too patiently. A blond male nurse was pacing the hallway, clearly anxious. The second he spotted Selene, he trotted over to her.

“Was anyone else injured?”

“Phoenix is fine, Noah,” she said. “Dad was the only one seriously hurt.”

Noah winced, appearing guilty. “I’m sorry. It’s just . . .”

“No need to apologize. Believe me, I get it. I was worried about Zan, too. But you can’t let it get to you every single time they go out, or you’ll go nuts.”

“I know, but it’s hard.” His voice was quiet.

Was Noah mated to Phoenix? If not, the two were apparently close.

“It gets harder. Trust me.”

That made him chuckle. “Thanks. Your pep talks are the bombdiggity.”

Before Selene could reply, a rumble from outside came closer and closer, until the sound was almost like thunder. It was right above them, and Calla realized the new building must have a helipad for emergencies such as this one. Everyone mobilized, and another nurse urged a protesting Selene, as well as Tarron, to a waiting room down the hall.

“Come with us,” a female doctor said to Calla.

She recognized the doctor from the party. Mackenzie Grant was mated to the Sorcerer/panther shifter Kalen Black. They had a cute new baby boy named Kai. Those facts rushed through her head, and she thought of how she’d been smiling and socializing with these people merely days ago. To be in the middle of a serious personal crisis of this sort with them now, especially involving Nick, was strange and disorienting.

But there was nowhere else on earth she’d rather be when he required her help.

The OR was ready when the trauma team filed in, every surface shiny and each instrument gleaming. They wouldn’t stay that way for long, though. Calla clasped her hands to stop their shaking while they waited. Soon, heavy footsteps came down the hallway, moving fast. She heard a gurney being pushed along, orders barked.

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