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Wolf's Fall (Alpha Pack #6)(12)
Author: J.D. Tyler

And then several men from Nick’s team burst through the OR’s doors with their commander. She gasped at the horrible sight of his shirt and body armor soaked in blood, a gaping hole almost exactly centered in his chest. How could anyone survive a wound like that one? If he was human, he would’ve been dead already.

Dr. Grant moved aside for another female doctor, who immediately took charge. This one had shorter, straighter hair than Mackenzie, but it still brushed her collar. DR. MELINA MALLORY, her tag read. Calla recalled meeting the prickly woman before also.

Noah swiftly ran a tube down Nick’s throat so the respirator could breathe for him. Then he removed the commander’s vest and used a pair of scissors to cut his T-shirt up the middle. The ruined material was discarded and the nurse began to wipe the area. Dr. Mallory quickly assessed the damage.

Wearing latex gloves and grabbing some sort of probe, she began to dig inside the wound, which made Calla’s stomach lurch dangerously.

“Single gunshot wound, one punctured lung. The bullet is still lodged in there, close to his heart, so I’ll get that out before we attempt any healing.”

Dr. Mallory’s voice was so cold and clinical, it made Calla shiver. But the woman seemed good at her job, and she took a small amount of comfort from that. She watched, barely breathing, as Nick fought for his life. And he was fighting, hard. She sensed that even though they weren’t Bonded, and it made her proud of him.

After what seemed an eternity, yet was probably only a couple of minutes, the doctor fished out a large bloody bullet. “Silver,” she announced. “Those rotten bastards.”

Calla couldn’t agree more. Noah held out a container and the doctor placed the bullet in it.

Noah sealed the container and held it up. “Rush it to the lab for tests?”

“Absolutely. I don’t like the looks of this tissue around where the bullet was sitting. It’s dying too quickly.”

Calla’s hand went over her mouth. Only her desire to see Nick get well prevented her from running from the room. “My blood can’t heal flesh that’s already dead.”

The doctor gave her a sharp look. “Of course not. I’m going to clean away the necrotized tissue first.” Dr. Mallory continued her work, completely focused. Once she was done, she stepped back and nodded to Calla. “All right. Let’s get some of your blood into him and speed along his recovery.”

On shaking legs, she stepped up to the gurney and peered down at Nick’s chest. Cleaned up, the wound didn’t gape quite as much as she’d first believed, but then again, perhaps it had started healing now that the silver had been removed. In any case, he needed help. He was pale from blood loss.

Noah offered to make the cut on her wrist with a scalpel. “It’ll hurt less than using your fangs or something.”

She nodded and allowed him to execute the cut, then quickly held her wrist over the commander’s chest and let the life-giving fluid flow into the wound. The effects were immediate. The ragged flesh began to return to a healthy pink, and slowly knitted together from the inside out. Nick’s face was still pale, his body still, but the worry that he’d die gradually drained away.

“Thank you,” she said to whatever power had kept him alive until he got here.

Noah laid a hand on her arm, and gave her an understanding smile. “Why don’t you wait down the hall with your brother while we finish up and get him situated in a room? I promise someone will come and get you as soon as possible.”

It really wasn’t a request. Now that the danger was past, they needed her out of the way. Reluctantly she agreed and, after taking one last look at Nick to reassure herself he was breathing, walked to the waiting room.

Tarron stood the instant she went inside. “How is he?”

Her voice trembled as the adrenaline left in a rush and reality set in. “He’ll be okay. We almost lost him.”

“‘We’?” Never one to miss a thing, her brother arched a brow. “He’s a friend, but he’s not part of our coven, Calla. Why ‘we’? Who is Nick to you?”

She looked around the waiting area. “Where’s Nick’s daughter?”

“Her mate came for her and he insisted on taking her for a walk to calm her nerves. Now, tell me what’s going on.”

“Selene and Zan won’t have gone far. This isn’t really the time or place to—”

“Sit down. We’re going to finish that discussion we didn’t have time for earlier, and you’re going to tell me what the hell is going on.”

She knew that he loved her, and that he meant well. But right now he was taking the high-handed attitude of a ruler instead of the gentle caring of her brother. It seriously pissed her off.

“No,” she said coolly. “I’m not. Frankly, there isn’t much to tell at the moment, and even if there were, my relationship with Nick is none of your business.”

Of course, he pounced on her slip. “So there is a relationship.” He sighed, crossing his arms over his chest. “Damn, you never do anything by half.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” She glared at him.

“He’s a wolf, sis. They’re totally different from us, and I don’t mean that in an elitist way before you accuse me of that.” He waved a hand to indicate the entire hospital, perhaps the whole compound. “They’re warriors. They live dangerous lives, twenty-four/seven. Is this what you want for the rest of eternity? Constant terror for a man who might never come home?”

“Stefano was a quiet, cultured man who lived a peaceful existence,” she said quietly. “But that didn’t exactly save him from the hunters, did it?”

Her brother sucked in a breath as though she’d punched him. “I’m sorry. I’m just worried about you.”

“I know.” Her anger subsided and her heart swelled with love for him. Still, she had to be firm or he’d pry until he wormed the truth from her before she was ready to talk. “Worry all you want, but trust me, will you? Let me work things out for myself and then I’ll tell you what you want to know.”

“Just don’t shut me out, please. That’s all I ask.”

“I wouldn’t, unless you forced me to.”

He opened his arms and she walked into them, thankful their disagreement hadn’t turned into a bigger fight. She hated being at odds with someone she loved so much, especially Tarron.

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