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Ash Bear (Daughters of Beasts #3)(18)
Author: T.S. Joyce

This was normally the part where she would’ve flinched away and covered her stomach, but Grim’s reaction to her body made it impossible to be shy. He let off a long moan and leaned back as far as he could, staring with those hungry gold eyes. His hands went to her waist, and they were so strong there. “Fuck, woman. You have me.” There was desperation in his voice, and she wanted to cry and laugh and sing and hug him all at once for making her feel so good. For the first time under a man’s stare, she felt like a queen.

It made her braver with him. If tonight was all they had, she didn’t want to wake up tomorrow and think of all the things she wished she’d been bold enough to do. She just wanted to do them. So she pulled at the hem of his T-shirt. He lifted his arms for her and moved to help her. As the shirt was pulled out of the way, she let off a hungry sigh. His chest was massive with a perfectly cut line right down the middle, diving down into his six-pack abs that flexed with every breath. She was staring. She knew she was, but she couldn’t stop. The upper part of his torso was covered in tattoos, but the artwork was stunning. It didn’t hide the scars this close up, and she could see his chest was covered in crisscross patterns. How many times had he been badly clawed to mar his skin like this?

“Is this why you got the tattoos?” she asked, tracing a raised scar.

He pulled her hand to his lips and kissed her open palm. “It’s not fun to see my past etched into my skin every time I look in a mirror.”

Her heart broke a little for him. Or maybe opened up a little more for him. She leaned forward and pressed her lips to the worst scar. And then another and another until his hand went gentle in her hair and he relaxed back against the seat.

Ash ran her palms down the uneven skin of his stony chest, down the hard mounds of his abs to his jeans. She popped the button and filled the car with the sound of a slow zipper. His dick was swollen and hard, pressing against the fabric of his pants to be released. Grim lifted slightly so she could shimmy his pants down his powerful thighs.

When Ash gripped his dick in her fist and pulled up slowly, Grim let off a long, low, sexy sound in his throat, and his legs tensed under her.

“Grip it tighter,” he murmured in a deep, gravelly voice that lifted chills onto her skin.

She tightened her fist and stroked him faster, and he flexed with the pace she kept. She could imagine him coming if they kept going like this. She could see it in her mind—him yelling out and jets of cum covering his chest. She’d never been this turned on. She rocked her clit against him with the rhythm of her stroking his cock.

The desperation to watch him finish warred with the need for him to be inside her.

“Oh, fuck, it feels so good,” Grim groaned, his hands gripping her thighs, then her hips. He reached around and unsnapped her bra and yanked the thing from her arms. His hand was massaging her breasts before she even fully realized the relief of being out of the clothing. Grim pulled her forward and there was his mouth, clamped on her breast, his tongue licking her nipple until she was moaning over and over.

The rattle of his growl vibrated right through her chest, and she couldn’t keep a single thought in her head. She was lost, on some high like she’d never been on before. Nothing in the entire world existed but her and Grim and the fire he was conjuring in her body.

With a snarl, he sucked hard one last time on her breast and eased back just far enough to pop the button of her jeans. He shoved her feet onto the floorboard to straighten out her legs and shoved the stiff fabric down to her ankles, panties and all. Damn near giddy, she kicked out of the constraints and climbed right back up onto his hips. There wasn’t much room to move in here, but they were making it work fine. His dick touched her sex just right, and she rolled her hips against his erection. She was so wet, she slid right up and down him, and now he was kissing her again. Kissing and biting and nipping and kissing.

Ash was ready, so she sat up a little on her knees, ignoring the dang seatbelt buckle digging into her skin. She reached between them and gripped his dick again, angling it straight up. And then she slid down him by a couple inches. She hadn’t been with anyone in a long time and should be rusty at this, but being with Grim was natural, like breathing or walking. Ash tensed her legs and pulled off him, then slid back down farther.

Apparently done with the tease, Grim slid his hands up her thighs, gripped her hips, and slammed her down hard on his cock. He filled her all at once and she gasped out, “Oh my god.” It shocked her at how big he was. She could feel him stretch her insides. He stayed just like that for a few seconds, buried to the hilt inside of her, resting right against her clit. And then he pulled her off a few inches and yanked her back down. Then again and again. Her nerve endings were firing like crazy, and her entire body was tingling with how good it felt.

“Please,” she whispered. Please what? She didn’t even know what she was begging for, but apparently Grim did because he started bucking into her faster, his arms encircling her as their hips crashed against each other.

She was loud. She didn’t notice at first, but there was a second of clarity right as her orgasm built to blinding pleasure where she heard herself screaming his name and heard the snarl in his words as he demanded, “Louder! Come on, Ash. Tell me how much you love it.”

He was warm and she was warm and the vent was warm, and was she on fire? Her skin was crawling, and there was so much pressure in her middle. Her moaning was only getting louder and everything was so bright and “Fuck! I’m going!” she uttered helplessly as she sank her teeth into his collarbone. She didn’t know what she was doing, only that her body was breaking apart in the best way.

He froze, buried deep inside her, and his dick throbbed hard. And then her insides were hot, too, as they throbbed together, jerking with ecstasy. Her body tensed every time he slowly bucked into her.

She tasted iron. Iron. Copper. Smelled like pennies. Oh no.

Her eyes flew open, and she released his torn skin and gasped.

Grim looked cocky as can be in the dim porch light that illuminated them from behind. His chest was heaving with his labored breath, and he had a thin sheen of sweat along his shoulders. A trickle of crimson snaked its way down his left pec, right over his heart.

There was one good-sized space left where he didn’t have a tattoo filled in yet, right on his collar bone, and what had she done? Given him another gosh-dang injury! A mark!

“I didn’t mean to hurt you!” she rushed out. Why was she still having an orgasm? She didn’t deserve the pleasure!

“Oh, that wasn’t you that hurt me. That was your bear. You’re a little monster yourself, aren’t you? Listen to her.” His grin grew bigger and more sinful.

Her throat was scratchy from the growl in it, and she swallowed hard. That didn’t stop the noise. “Oh, toot!”

Grim looked scandalized. “What the fuck is a tewt?” he asked, putting a funny accent on the word. She would’ve laughed if she didn’t hate herself right now.

“Well, I was trying not to cuss right when we were…you know…”

“Say fucking.”

“When we were fucking,” she whisper-screamed. “So I said ‘toot’ instead of ‘shit.’ You’re bleeding really bad!” She reached for her purple sweater and pressed it against the bite, but he swatted it away. She growled louder and put it back.

“You’re going to ruin your sweater, and it’s fine. You really bit me, Good Girl.”

“Why are you smiling like that?” she asked, utterly frustrated.

Grim shrugged. “I dunno.”

But he did because she could sense lies, and he hadn’t even tried to hide the lie in his tone.

She sighed fast and heavy and patted the bite with the sweater, but she’d bitten him really bad. “It’s going to scar, and that makes me no better than the people who hurt you. I have some money in savings. I can pay for a tattoo to camouflage it. I’m so sorry!”

All of her words tumbled out like she’d said one long word, but he seemed to understand her just fine because he said, “I’m not sorry.”

Was she crying? She was so uncomfortable and tingly, and her body didn’t make any sense so she pressed her fingertips to her closed eyes but they came back dry. “You’re confusing me.”

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