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The Red(16)
Author: Tiffany Reisz

"I’ll get him,” Baby Blue said, standing up. "He’ll never see me coming.”

"Why not?” said the girl in yellow. "Or are you planning on covering his eyes when you come?”

Malcolm crouched behind his throne, pretending to cower as the nymphs plotted their revenge. His dark eyes shifted left and right like he was waiting for an imminent incoming attack from enemies unknown.

"You go left,” the girl in yellow said to Mona. "I’ll go right. If he tries to run from Baby Blue, one of us can catch him.”

"What do we do with him when we catch him?” Mona asked.

The yellow-gowned nymph shook her head. "I haven’t thought that far ahead. Let’s just get him. One, two, three!”

The three of them raced to the throne.

Mona couldn’t wait to get her hands on Malcolm, but he was too fast for her—he spun out of her grasp. He was nearly caught by Baby Blue, but he feinted to the right. Just as the girl in yellow was about to catch him with her ribbon, he clasped her wrist and scooped her up into his arms.

"Oh no!” Baby Blue cried. "He’s captured Sunshine!”

"That’s impressive,” Pinky said from the floor.

"Because she’s so fast?” Baby Blue asked.

"Because it’s the middle of the night!”

Baby Blue laughed so hard, Mona had to hold her up. Meanwhile, Malcolm had Sunshine, the girl in the yellow dress, on his lap in the throne again. As she wiggled and struggled, he ripped her dress down to her waist—if Mona had to guess, she’d say the wiggling and the struggling did more harm than good. It certainly made it easier for Malcolm to rip her dress, which may or may not have been Sunshine’s plan all along. Malcolm pulled her bare back against his naked chest and groped her breasts as he bounced her on his knee.

"Should we try to rescue her?” Baby Blue asked Mona.

"Don’t try anything,” Sunshine said, her voice quavering as Malcolm bounced her. "You’ll only make it worse for me.”

"I think she likes it right where she is,” Mona whispered.

"She does,” Baby Blue whispered back. "But he doesn’t need to know that.”

Malcolm tore the rest of Sunshine’s gown from her body. The gauzy fabric ripped like paper and gathered at his feet like an offering of gold. He lifted Sunshine by her waist, and when he brought her down again it was to impale her on his cock. She took it all at once, her back arching and head tipping backward. Malcolm put his hand on her neck and whispered into her ear.

"What do you think he’s saying?” Mona asked Baby Blue.

"Probably something very important,” Baby Blue said. Then she giggled again and pulled naked Pinky off the floor and to her feet. While Malcolm dallied with Sunshine in his lap, the three of them would dance. The trio joined hands and spun in circles round the throne. Then they formed a conga line for a few minutes. All the while Malcolm bounced his captive nymph up and down on his lap—lifting her slight weight, holding her in the air and then sliding her down again, impaling her once more and again.

"Let me go!” Sunshine cried. "I demand you set me free!”

"Never!” Malcolm said, all satyr now, his legs hairy as a pelt, his ears pointed as knives.

"Never ever?” Sunshine asked as Malcolm nibbled her neck.

"Not until you come,” he said.

She nodded sagely. "Well, I better do that then,” she said. He bounced her harder on his lap, making her breasts jiggle and her hair fly here and there. Malcolm fucked her from underneath, bending his hips into hers and sliding her up and down the length of his cock. Finally, his head fell back and he came a foot out of the chair with Sunshine still attached to him, her hips in his grasp as she came and he came and their cries of pleasure mingled into one.

Sunshine slid out of Malcolm’s lap, and Mona caught her before she hit the ground.

"Thank you, lady,” Sunshine said, smiling up at her in gratitude. "He’s a brute, a nasty brute.”

"That’s not nice,” Malcolm said, a pout on his perfect face. "After all I do for you.”

"You were very hard on him,” Baby Blue said to Sunshine.

"I was not hard on him,” said Sunshine. "But he was hard in me!”

Laughter and exuberance were restored. Mona marveled at their playfulness, their lightness, their airiness. They could have been flying kites for all their frivolity. Who knew orgies could be joyful?

All four nymphs danced together as Malcolm watched and clapped in time. They linked arms and changed partners, pirouetted and jeté-ed. Only Mona and Baby Blue were still clothed. Sunshine and Pinky were naked as babes in the wood and didn’t seem to mind one bit. The firelight turned Sunshine’s dark skin golden and turned pale Pinky red. They were light and lovely as fairies. All they wanted for was wings.

"I suppose it’s my turn to face the music,” Baby Blue said as she and Mona joined arms for a set in the center of the circle of trees. "Can’t put it off any longer.”

"Might as well get it over with,” Mona told her.

"He’s not bad when you get used to him,” Pinky told her sweetly.

"No,” Sunshine said. "He’s worse!”

"Kiss me for luck,” Baby Blue said. All three girls pressed soft kisses on her lips. Baby Blue hung her head and slid her feet across the floor as she neared Malcolm’s throne with visible trepidation.

"What brings you to me?” Malcolm asked. He crossed a mighty hairy leg over a mighty hair knee. "You have a favor to ask of me?”

"I do, Sir Satyr.”

"Name it, girl.”

"I ask you to ask a favor of me,” Baby Blue said.

"Very well then. I ask you to favor me with your favors,” Malcolm said. "Will you?”

She turned around and brought her hands to her mouth. To Mona and Pinky and Sunshine, she whispered, "He’s asked me for my favors. How do I say no?”

"You just said no!” Sunshine said.

"Oh, no,” said Baby Blue.

"You just said it again!” Pinky said.

"I’d rather hear a yes,” Malcolm said.

"Yes, what?” Baby Blue said, turning back around.

"That was definitely a yes,” Malcolm said. "You all heard her say yes, yes?”

Mona and Pinky and Sunshine nodded. It was true. She had said yes. What could they do?

Poor Baby Blue. Malcolm bade her to stand before him at his throne and as soon as she did, he tore her dress from her body. Poor Baby Blue. As soon as she was naked, Malcolm took her nipple into his mouth and sucked it while he stroked her between her legs with his fingers. Poor Baby Blue. She had to straddle his lap with her legs trapped by the chair arms so that as soon as he had his cock in her, she wouldn’t be able to run away. Poor Baby Blue. She cried and she cried as he held her by the waist and rocked her on his lap, rocking his organ up into her as he suckled at her breasts. Poor Baby Blue. She came so hard and so loud, it must have hurt her tender throat from groaning that hard.

"Was it awful?” Sunshine asked as Baby Blue was finally released from Malcolm’s grasp.

"Was it terrible?” Pinky asked.

"It was…” Baby Blue said, shaking her head. "It was…big!”

Then she ran back to the throne and kissed Malcolm on his cheek, stole his laurel crown, and put it on her own head.

"I am now the queen of this courtyard,” Baby Blue said. "And I say the next sacrifice shall be…”

She walked to Mona, naked and smiling and serious all at the same time.

"Yes?” Mona asked.

"What’s your name?” Baby Blue said.

"She wears white like the moon,” Sunshine said. "Shall we call her Moona?”

"That’s silly,” Pinky said. "She’s mad as a loon to be here. Shall we call her Loona?”

"Those are terrible names,” Baby Blue said. "I like them both!”

"Call her Moan-a,” Malcolm said, his pronouncement straight from the throne. "And we’ll see if she earns it.”

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