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Fashionably Dead in Diapers (Hot Damned #4)(9)
Author: Robyn Peterman

His fangs scraped the tender skin of my inner thigh and he nipped, sending me into screaming orgasm number three, but that was just the appetizer… The main course was going to kill me deader than I already was. I knew what he had planned to do the second before he did it. Was this even legal?

"Ohmygodohmygodohmygod Ethan," I gasped. "I'm not sure that's a good idea."

"Oh Astrid, it's a very good idea," he insisted as he firmly held my thrashing body right where he wanted it. "You'll come so hard that I'll be able to fuck you easily with my massive dick…and you'll beg for more."

"I'm not sure I can handle…"

The next thing I heard was a scream so loud it hurt my own ears.

Who in the hell was the wailing banshee? WTF? Was it me?

The roar of the ocean blasted through my head as he embedded his fangs in my clit and I realized the ragged screams were coming from me. It felt like my soul left my body and looked down at the sexual frenzy below. My body jerked and convulsed erotically as Ethan owned me like no one ever had and no one ever would. His hands roamed my body in jealous possession and my fingers laced in his hair and pulled for dear life. I couldn't anchor to anything. I was spiraling out of control. The heat in my abdomen had spread through my body like lightning. My fangs burned with need.

Sobs mixed with moans tempered by screams were the noises that left my mouth as Ethan made his way back up my violently trembling body. His mouth had left me, but the fire raged to the point of inferno.

"I need," I begged. "Please. I need."

"What do you need?" he ground out. His eyes were wild and he'd never been more beautiful or frightening.

"I need you," I pleaded as I desperately kissed and licked the skin on his broad chest and smooth neck. "So bad. I need you so bad."

"As you wish."

He buried himself to the hilt with one swift and forceful thrust as we both cried out. Nothing in my life had ever felt so perfect or so right.

"So tight. So fucking wet," he muttered before he took my lips in a kiss that made me forget my name. "Mine. You're mine. Say it."

His body froze while he waited to be obeyed. I could play that game, but I'd just up the ante…

"You're mine, Vampyre. Say it," I choked out as my body tightened around his cock like a vise.

He threw back his head and laughed. "God, I love you. Yes. I'm yours. Tell me you're mine. Now."

"I'm yours," I promised frantically. "I'm yours forever. Now fuck me."

"With pleasure," he hissed.

He fucked me so hard and beautifully it would have killed a human, but I met him joyfully thrust for thrust. There was no way to be close enough. Crawling inside his skin would only be the beginning of what I needed from him. The roaring in my ears muffled our moans, but the rhythm and intensity would be imbedded in my mind and body forever.

"I love you, Astrid," Ethan said as he reached between us and fingered my clit. "Come with me."

He didn't have to ask twice. His release was almost painful as his engorged cock grew even bigger inside my willing body. I leaned into his neck and bit down. His body jerked violently and the sounds that came from deep within his chest sent me into an orgasmic explosion that by all rights should have killed everything within a ten mile radius.

"I love you. I love you. I love you," I mumbled over and over as I floated back down to Earth. "I love you so much."

"I love you more."

"Not possible," I whispered and cuddled up to his strong body.

We lay in post-coital bliss for a while. A stupid, silly grin was plastered on my face. My throat was raw and my limbs were rubber. Ethan traced lazy circles with his fingertips on my hip.

"It's a good thing my grandmother didn't come home," he said with a shit-eating smirk. "That most certainly would have given her a heart attack."

"Hell." I giggled. "That almost gave me a heart attack and I don't have a heart."

"You may not have the actual organ, my love, but your heart is as big as they come."

"Kind of like your pecker?" I asked innocently.

The look of shock on his face was all kinds of awesome and it took all I had not to squeal with laughter.

"You do realize you've thrown down the gauntlet for round two," he growled seductively.

"Well, I certainly hope so," I shot back. My limp noodle body miraculously came back to life and my nipples beaded painfully as I watched my Vampyre harden with desire. "That was the plan."

"Far be it from me to mess with the lady's plans," he deadpanned as he flipped me to my stomach and raised my ass in the air. "Besides, I do believe I promised you ten orgasms…"

"Um…I think it was fifteen." I shuddered as his hands spread my legs and I felt his erection poke at my thighs.

"I'm pretty sure it was twenty," he amended the number and began to make good on his promise.

"Twenty would be good." I groaned with delight as he slapped my ass and ran his talented tongue up my spine.

"Twenty it is."

And it was. And it was damn good. Oh my Uncle God in Heaven, it was good.

Chapter 4

As a parent, it is good to embrace the simple fact that love comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Love is blind…as it should be.

Thankfully the Cressida House was still standing. I scanned the roof and windows to make sure none of them had been blown out by our son. Everything looked fine. This was good. I was still horny, but the mother lode of orgasms, compliments of my man, would keep me from demonstrating sex in front of my child for at least twenty-four hours or so.

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