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Dragon Mystics (Supernatural Prison #2)(12)
Author: Jaymin Eve

That moment with that dragon had been weird.

I didn’t know what to make of it, but there had definitely been some sort of recognition … which was freaking me out a little. Why had Gerard said my mark was different? Why was I a dual shifter? The only dual shifter that had been recorded. Why were real dragons approaching me like I was the dragon whisperer?

I didn’t want this crap, I didn’t ask for this crap, so why the hell was I neck deep in so much crap?

A stare was burning into me, and I knew who it was without turning my head. Braxton had defended me earlier. Generally, he was the most possessive-bossy-asshat of the quads, and yet he had defended my right to make choices. I didn’t face him, but I held out my hand. My heart settled the moment his huge, overly warm palm wrapped around mine.

Touch was so therapeutic for shifters. Braxton’s presence created a chemical cocktail inside of me. Similar to what I guessed a mixture of the human drugs speed and valium did. He calmed me down and hyped me at the same time.

Our group was quiet as we finished crossing the desert. The heat never abated, the sun beating down with intensity. Just as we looked to be nearing the forest zone – which I was really looking forward to exploring – the grays shifted to the left and started to walk along the border between desert and forest. After a while buildings appeared in the distance and I realized what the fifth zone was. It was a city area, right in the center of the other four regions.

As we crossed closer, I could see a dozen or so large buildings and many smaller structures scattered throughout. I’d guess it probably housed the same amount of supernaturals as Stratford, but the city part was a little more condensed.

One of the grays decided to fill the silence. “This is where everyone sleeps, eats and convenes. You will be assigned rooms, and then your personal belongings will be magically delivered.”

“We need to speak with Quale,” I repeated. There was a reason Louis had told us to find him.

Gerard nodded. “I will let him know, but he appears only when he wants to.”

Well that sounded promising.

We hadn’t seen any other supernaturals except the weird fey grays, but once we entered this main center zone, filled with the many varied stone buildings, there were a lot of them mingling around. Old and young alike. I felt joy flitter through my body as I locked in on some of the tiny faces. I hoped this was where all those children who had been imprisoned were now enjoying life.

I was barreled to the side as a group of six young supernaturals rushed through our group. The sound of their laughter trailed after them.

This was what children should be doing, not chained up and locked away. Thinking of what the Four had done had my temper spilling over, rage as strong as I’d ever known searing through me. They had to be punished, it was not right. I couldn’t even think of the years of suffering endured by so many.

Several of the faces which turned toward us were more weathered than I’d expect from supernaturals. And all of them appeared to be distrustful and suspicion.

Cataloguing the inhabitants I noted supernaturals from all five races, including demi-fey, and many more were adults than children. Trolls and gargoyles lined the buildings high up, some made of stone, others wood. They often sought out the high and safe harbors. The gargoyles flew in the light of the moon, spending most of the sunlight hours as stone. I wasn’t sure how it worked in a world which had fake skies, but probably still the same way.

Conversations seemed to cut off as our group strolled along one of the laneways.

“I’m guessing they don’t get many visitors,” I side-whispered to Mischa.

She ran her hands up and down her jeans, a nervous gesture, fitting for all the wary glares smashing into us. I had so many questions to ask, but the grays didn’t seem to be interested at the moment. They were conversing amongst themselves. They spoke about the weather outside, the dinner last night, and a few other random things. But something told me there was more to the conversation than what I was picking up.

More supernaturals appeared as we traversed further into their territory. It was like a small town here, cobbled paths through shops, houses, and large buildings. Everything was in neutral colors, nothing bright that stood out. Quite bland, eerie even, especially with what felt like seven thousand eyes on us.

“We will spread the word of your arrival, the curiosity will die down soon,” said the gray closest to me. I nodded my head, but didn’t drop my gaze. I was focused on not locking eyes with anyone. In my current state-of-unease my wolf would see it as a challenge, raise her silky black head and shit would go down. And right now I just wanted to clean off the shit already coating me; too much drama could wear down even the most resilient of us.

A few shops caught my eye as we weaved through the streets. They seemed to be pretty self-sufficient in this little mountain range. I was guessing if they never wanted to leave, they never had to. There were grocers, hair dressers, restaurants, clothing stores, spell weavers, apothecaries – shit, even a movie theatre. They were actually better outfitted than Stratford.

The Compasses – who moved in a single line of muscle – were definitely on high alert. A regular supe wouldn’t see anything besides the calm and controlled exterior they presented, males without a care in the world, but I knew them as well as I knew myself. There was tension riding every rigid plane of their bodies. Not to mention their smiles didn’t reach their eyes and not a single dimple was in sight.

We veered sharply into what seemed to be a deserted alley. But before I could express any concern, another turn had us arriving at the front of an enormous apartment building. A skyscraper.

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