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Dragon Mystics (Supernatural Prison #2)(16)
Author: Jaymin Eve

He was average height – short for a supe – and had a head full of silvery hair, another one of the mystic cloaks, only he was sans cloak, wearing a simple pair of cotton slacks and a loose-fitted white shirt.

“I am Quale.” He did not smile or encourage any sort of warm feelings, but there was something around the dark blue eyes, a few shades off purple, which told me that this guy was pretty closely linked to Louis.

The Compasses backed up a foot or two, and with a wave of Maximus’ hand, he was allowed to enter. It was pretty hard in the supernatural world to prove anyone was who they said they were. Firstly, we didn’t carry identification, and any we had was generally fake. Mostly we judged on power level and whether we could kick the stranger’s ass. If we were weaker, we proceeded with caution. If they were weaker, we didn’t really give a shit who they were.

This male was strong, but there would be very few beings who could take on our pack. We were pretty secure in our awesomeness.

The door slid shut behind him, fortifying our apartment again. I backtracked to the living room, sinking into a sofa, next to Mischa and Grace. The quads spread around the room but didn’t sit. They wouldn’t give up their dominance. My animals were starting to demand I stand too, but before I moved, Quale sat across from us. My wolf settled again.

The male tented his hand in front of him. “I’m glad you made it here safely, Louis contacted me a few hours ago. I have been waiting for your arrival.”

I leaned my upper body forward, trying very hard to get a read on him, but he was like the other cloaks. Some sort of weird hybrid fey.

More than ready for food, I didn’t waste any time. “How do you know Louis? And can we contact our parents?”

His expression remained passive as he focused on me. “There are no traditional contact methods out of the sanctuary, but Louis wanted me to assure you that all of your parents are fine.” No traditional contact, but clearly there was some way. “The Four are still around Stratford, but they have caused no further trouble.”

That was a huge relief and worry at the same time. Those other quad bastards just did not give up.

Quale’s piercing eyes roamed over all of us, as if he was memorizing our features. “As for Louis, well, I’m his older brother.”

I froze, my mind taking a few moments to register what he had just said. “I don’t … understand. Louis did not seem to know much about the dragon marked. If you’re his brother…”

“I am a much older, half-brother. I was born with a head of silver hair, as all mystics are. My mother recognized the signs and knew I was just like our grandfather. I was sent to this sanctuary long before Louis was born. We have never met, only communicated.”

Maximus hulked his massive body closer to Quale. “What exactly is a mystic?” The others hadn’t been forthcoming with information. Hopefully Quale would be more inclined.

“It is … complicated.” For the first time the fey seemed unsure of his words. “Since you are here, it is best that you understand … our fey forefathers were chosen, they formed a council to the dragon king – they were destroyed with the king, but in the next generation some of their offspring were born with the mystic’s traits. We bore silver hair and also have a mark, but it’s not the same as yours.” He nodded at Mischa and me.

“You were hunted also?” Braxton asked.

Quale lifted a hand and rubbed at the corner of his right eye, looking uncomfortable. “Yes, we were. And still are.”

“Why?” I asked.

He worried at his lips, just for a split second, before the stoic expression descended again. “We are to form the new council for the dragon king. It’s our duty to protect his marked ones and to make sure he rises again.”

Well, fuck-a-ding-dong.

Louis said I would find information I needed here. Did he really think we should be in a place clearly designed to support the rise of the king? I didn’t want that effing tyrant to rise, even if I did wear his mark.

I was struck by a sudden notion. I rose to my feet. “Gerard said we weren’t near Krakov, but … are we actually in Mount Drago?” My eyes locked in on Quale as my wolf’s shackles rose. Rumbles shook my chest.

Quale fidgeted under my stare. “No, but Drago is close by. Louis sent you here to protect you. Legend says that if the king rises all marked who are not in this sanctuary or Mount Drago will die.”

I recalled the legend, but still wasn’t sure I believed it. Either way it gave me bad juju to know that the king’s body was nearby. Even if he was currently missing his head.

Grace let out a gurgling cry. “If the king rises, he will destroy the supernaturals. He almost succeeded a thousand years ago, and now, well, this sanctuary suggests that this time he’ll have an army of marked at his disposal.”

Quale pulled himself to his feet. “I was born into my role. I have never met the king nor worked for him. I don’t know if I agree with him rising. For now there is no chance it will happen. So let’s not worry ourselves.”

“Did Louis clue you in on how long we’re supposed to stay here?” Jacob asked. “We have responsibilities, we are to be the next council leaders. We cannot disappear indefinitely. What’s the long term plan?”

He was right, they were giving up an awful lot for me and I should encourage them to go home. My mouth opened but I couldn’t make the words exit.

Quale waved toward the door. “You are more than welcome to leave. None of you are in danger except for the twins. They need to stay for the next month, in case the king rises. I’m sure none of you want to see them self-destruct.”

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