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Dragon Mystics (Supernatural Prison #2)(2)
Author: Jaymin Eve

Wow! I leaned forward a little.

At some point during my nervous confession we’d entered a small town. I took the time to examine the colorful locals. They were scattered around the streets, chatting in groups, dining in restaurants. Warmly bundled up in extravagant and mismatched attire, they were fascinating. I’d never seen humans in books or on television dress like the ones parading through the streets.

Many eyes turned in our direction and I was thankful for the dark tint on the car. I wondered if their curiosity was simply that we were strangers crossing through their little village, or if this sort of vehicle was uncommon here. Damn, Louis should be helping us fit in, not stand out.

The signs we passed were mostly in Romanian, although some of the words looked familiar so I could probably guess at the names. At least numbers were the same, which made speed restrictions easy to maintain. I glanced down at the scrunched note again, running my eyes over the map. Judging by the distances Louis had jotted around this village, we were getting close to our destination.

“I’m not mad at you, Jessa babe.”

Note forgotten, I swung around again. I was sure my blue eyes were a little desperate as they bore into the vampire. Maximus was my rock, I couldn’t stand the stress of his ire. “But I need you to promise that you won’t keep any more secrets from us.” I knew us was Jacob and Tyson, his fey and wizard brothers. “How can we properly protect you when we don’t have all the facts?”

Braxton interrupted then: “Jonathon was worried that when we joined together and received our calling, we might be dragon marked hunters also. He warned Jessa. Her caution is in part to do with orders from her alpha.”

Braxton had been pretty quiet since the battle-of-wills with his brother over who would drive. It was nice to hear his low husky voice. I’d also like to see the dimples that graced his chiseled face, but that level of happiness seemed to be a little out of reach at the moment.

Maximus growled, low from his chest; it rumbled through the small space. “For fuck’s – are you telling me your father actually entertained the concept that we might hunt you?”

I shook out my black hair, heavy and silky against my neck. “I don’t think he actually believed it, but the warning was clear.”

Maximus continued muttering under his breath while he shot dark glares around, but I knew they weren’t aimed at any of us in particular. I glanced out to the side mirror, confirming as I had been for the past few hours that the second black Porsche was still following us. I noticed Braxton frequently checking as well.

Buildings thinned as we left the town and made our way further into the mountains. There was a steep drop off one side of the narrow path, and Braxton had to slow as the snowy, treacherous roads really began to hinder our progress. Though his hands remained relaxed on the wheel, so I didn’t think he was too worried.

I, on the other hand, had never really spent much time in a vehicle. I was missing the forest of our home. I needed to run. I pushed down this need, along with all the other desires driving my body right now. Hunger was a biggie. They’d fed us on the plane, but I was hungry again. The damn cold had my metabolism shifting into high gear. Judging by my clothes, I’d already lost weight with the last few stressful weeks, and I was not okay with that. A girl needs her curves. The moment I started to resemble Giselda, BEF (bitch enemy forever), I was necking myself.

“This friend of Louis’ better have food,” I muttered, my eyes still locked on the towering ranges around us.

Mischa leaned forward, her face almost next to mine between the front seats. “Are we getting close? What does the letter say?”

I loosened my grip, looking down again, blinking at the crumpled paper. “What the crap? It’s gone…” I immediately turned to Braxton. “It was just there a moment ago but now the writing is gone.”

Braxton swore low, his eyes flicking down to my hand. The vehicle started to slow; he lowered his window, letting in drafts of arctic air before signaling something to Tyson, the driver of the other SUV. I figured they were trying to find a place to pull over. Unfortunately we were not in the best position, and we had no phones to call back. Louis had confiscated everyone’s electronics so we wouldn’t be tempted to use them. We were going to find some prepaid burner cells soon. Soon, of course, did not help us right now.

I flipped the paper over but the back was just as blank as the front.

“I’m killing that fucking sorcerer.” The familiar lament was from Maximus. He’d also moved his massive bulk into the center of the car.

Braxton leaned forward, paying close attention to the road we were on. “We have no choice but to remain on this path. There is nowhere for me to turn around. We can meet up with the others as soon as it is wide enough. Maybe Tyson will have some insight into what happened to the letter.”

Tyson was a pretty powerful wizard, but he wasn’t a sorcerer yet. The quads – and Mischa and I – were twenty-two, which for a magic user was way too young to have evolved into a sorcerer. I think the youngest sorcerer in supernatural history was Louis, and he’d been thirty. Tyson was planning on giving him a run for that title. I really hoped my wizard best friend could get a read off this paper, because without it we were completely screwed.

Not only was it nearing dusk, but the snowstorm which had been holding off was starting to fall. We had exceptional night vision, and the high beams were already flooding the road, but still visibility sucked.

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