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Dragon Mystics (Supernatural Prison #2)(7)
Author: Jaymin Eve

They didn’t give it to Mischa and Grace. The quads and I had been a pack for so long sometimes we forgot about our newest members. My bad … I really shouldn’t forget I had a twin sister. Don’t get me wrong, I already loved her – identical features and all – but she was quiet, and quiet supernaturals tended to get lost around us. Grace, I wasn’t sure of – with her elfin features and low firm voice – but my wolf sensed nothing to distrust and I liked her calm nature. She tempered the rest of us a little. Healer witches were softer than most supes, more in touch with Mother Nature.

The note returned to Braxton, he slipped it into his pocket. I resisted the urge to demand its return. It was my freaking note after all, but for now I decided to only fight the necessary battles. Our group was silent but watchful as we continued along an unchanging path. The cold still prickled in the air, but it was definitely less freezing than on the other side.

I had a sudden thought. “Do you think this is where Krakov is?” I lowered my voice so as not to be overheard by any but my boys. I was sure the Romanian supernatural prison was the last place Louis would have sent us, but who knew what that infuriating mage was thinking.

Four heads swiveled in my direction, before looking between each other again. I knew, on occasion, the quads communicated without speaking. It freaked me out, reminded me of the Four and how they were clones of each other. I would be mighty pissed if that ever happened to the Compasses. Sure, they had plenty of similarities, they were quads after all, but I loved that each of them was relatively unique. I did not want that to change.

Finally Maximus answered. “I don’t know, they’re as reticent with information on that prison as they are with Vanguard.” All the supernatural prisons were well hidden and protected. For many obvious reasons. “But I believe it’s concealed somewhere in the valley of a mountain range, not halfway up like we are here.”

“Yes,” Braxton said, confirming this. “There’s also a gateway community bordering it. This is not the prison … this is something else entirely.”

Cloaky was still moving at the same even, striding rate, and as we followed his path I noticed that this seemingly never-ending tunnel was actually … well, ending. The low light was starting to brighten out in the distance, and I was astonished that it looked like natural light. Had we just walked straight through the mountain to the other side? Surely not, it was a massive range, it would have taken us days to cross. There had to be some other explanation.

Braxton suddenly halted all of us. It took him no more effort than extending his free arm. “We all stick together. It doesn’t matter what is said or offered, trust no one but each other.” His tone was firm, brooking no argument.

I may have accidentally elbowed him in the ribs, just because he needed to check that tone of voice when addressing the rest of us. We weren’t his subjects yet. The Compasses weren’t due to lead the American Supernatural Council for another three years.

Although they already had the arrogance of that position down pat.

Braxton flashed me some dimple, the first real smile I’d seen from him in a while, and I just about fell on my face. Excuse me, how was it fair to be so ridiculously gorgeous and then also powerful? All of the quads were hot … total assholes. Lucky, I adored their smug faces.

But I had to be careful, it was in their natures to dominate, and if I let them take control of me or the decisions I made, it would all be over. They loved and respected me, I knew that, but sometimes strong men think they know what is best for a woman. All in the name of protecting her of course, and I wouldn’t be that girl. Not even for my Compasses.

As we traversed further into the mountain, a rumble rocked through the empty planes of my stomach. I groaned, wrapping my free hand across my abdomen. “I am so effing hungry.”

I get a little cranky when I’m hungry … understatement of the year.

Braxton’s smile increased, both dimples in full devastating effect, I had to shake my head a few times to clear the hotness that was assaulting every one of my senses. Damn, I needed food and sex. In that order, and not with a Compass. We had a pact, a friendship pact that was sealed in blood. It was not worth risking our dynamics for a quick roll in the hay. I was going to have to look elsewhere.

Okay, so why did the thought of having sex with a stranger kind of fill me with a blank darkness? A depression of sorts? The prospect held no appeal besides scratching the obvious itch. What the frig’ was wrong with me? I loved sex.

“I love sex,” I growled.

Ah, shit. I did not just say that out loud, right? That was supposed to be in my head again. All six of my group ground to a dead halt. Oh yeah, definitely out loud.

Mischa and Grace looked a little astounded, but huge grins had spread across the quads’ faces. And then the laughter started. Tyson was actually bent over, resting both hands on his knees as his large body shook.

“Care to enlighten us to the rest of your thoughts, Jessa babe?” Jacob raised both eyebrows at me a few times, white teeth flashing as he too laughed.

Tyson straightened, mirth still rocking his body. “Yeah, what exactly were you thinking? Was it one of us … please pick me.” He playfully reached out and snatched me from Braxton, spinning me around in a circle.

I kicked out at him, forcing him to either drop me or cop a broken face. Thankfully he chose to place me back on the ground.

“Shut it, assholes.” I started to march along the tunnel in the direction of the lit area. We were almost there. “I was not thinking about any of you.”

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