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Blue Blooded (Jessica McClain #6)(14)
Author: Amanda Carlson

“By Enid?” I asked.

“No, by someone else,” Jeb answered after he read a few more lines. “Julian de Rossi has a very dark side, one that he’s fed for much too long. His lover will prevail. He will be faced with a choice, one that will have severe consequences. He will choose wrong.”

“A choice between Pack or a lover?” I asked.

“No, between power and the chance at greater power,” Jeb answered.

I rubbed my forehead.

The warlock was tiring me out.

I wasn’t going to pull a Ray and insult him to his face, so instead I asked, “Why is it that you can’t be more specific? I feel like we’re dancing around extremely important issues, and we don’t really have time to waste. Enid’s note said we had to get to the Ponte Vecchio or my friends will die. I’d like to know if we’re supposed to go there right away. Or find Tally first? It’s time for some real answers, Jeb.” I refrained from adding quicklike. I didn’t know my new assistant well, but I had the distinct feeling that after working with me for a while, he was going to be at his wit’s end.

“I understand your frustration, and it would be wonderful if I could give you all the answers.” He nodded his agreement. “But I cannot do so without significantly altering Fate’s fabric. I am only allowed to give you what is written, but not everything is contained in this book for a reason.” His tone let me know that I should know such things. “For instance, I can see here that Julian’s lover will interfere and that she is very powerful, but she is unknown to us.” He glanced over the book. “But there are ways of finding out that information. Some simple sleuthing should allow you to figure out who she is.” He lifted a single, thick, bushy eyebrow at me. “You do have a background in sleuthing, isn’t that correct?”

Score one for the warlock.

“Yes, I do,” I said. “It shouldn’t be hard to find out who she is. I’ll put Nick and Marcy on it. Can you at least tell us what comes next? You said earlier that if we follow Enid’s directives, I will die. How do we get around that?”

“The key word here is you,” Jeb answered. “You will die, no one else. So, while you must not follow them, someone else may. Enid will be able to anticipate some of your moves, but she cannot see us right now, which is making her very, very agitated. By having this meeting, we have already put a rent in her plans for the evening. She will have to scramble to make new ones, which will have a ripple effect.” He grinned, clearly proud of himself.

I examined the warlock before me, all four and a half feet of him. “Are you the only one who can mask us from Enid?” It would be handy if we could cloak ourselves as often as we liked.

“Myself and Juanita,” he confirmed before bobbing his head down and rifling through more pages in his book. “Wait, there is one other. It was written here”—his eyes bugged in surprise, tracking up to meet my gaze—“only yesterday. A powerful supernatural lives in this city and has the capabilities you’re looking for.” He closed the book with a loud clap. “This is a sign. If you find this supe and convince them to help you, you may very well survive.”

“I don’t get it,” Ray complained. “Why can’t you just hang with us? If you’re so powerful you can keep us cloaked, what’s the problem? Aren’t you supposed to be Jessica’s assistant or something?”

If Jeb could’ve struck Ray down where he stood, he would have. But the warlock knew I would not be pleased.

“Do you take me for a common supernatural?” he sniffed. “I am no such thing! If I were to ‘hang around’ any longer than necessary, my power signature would alert every supernatural in the world to my location. I risk much by coming here before the Coalition is confirmed and certain protections are put in place. I do this for Jessica’s well-being only.”

I didn’t feel like reminding Jeb that no one knew who he was. It was clear he thought supernaturals would try to kidnap him for his power or some such thing. But since the time of the last Coalition, it had been too long, and supernaturals were not the same as they used to be.

I did have one question, however. “So, once the Coalition is formed, then you’ll be able to stick around?”

“Yes. The Power of Five will bind to protect me from interference in this realm, and I will be able to come and go freely. But most of my affairs will be done outside of this realm. I prefer to work in my own home.”

Sounded good to me.

“Okay,” I said. “So how do we go about finding this powerful supernatural?”

Jeb opened the book, and we watched the pages arrange themselves. He laid a single finger down and said, “He can be found, and I quote, ‘Where the statues stay, he will play.’”

I sighed. “That’s it? That’s all that’s written? Only that it’s a he, not even what kind of supe he is?”

“It specifies only that he is old and has kept his power in check for a long time. His help might not be easy to acquire, because if he decides to show himself, he will become a target like myself. But you must try.” Jeb shut the book with a flourish, indicating he was done. “Now I must take my leave. Enid searches for you and is close to uncovering your location. Julian’s wolves are up the road. They will take you back to the Compound. Search for this supernatural this day and then head to the Ponte Vecchio for Enid’s next clue. You will be safe there for the night. If you can convince the supe to accompany you on the next task, tomorrow morning, he will guide you and keep you cloaked. If not, send someone else in your stead.” Before I could respond, Jeb popped out of reality with an audible crack.

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